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How to Find an Online Job of an Essay Writer


Writing talent is something one cannot hide, especially when it comes to academic papers. Many students discover this talent when dealing with essays and research papers in college. It is easy to turn it into a real profession.

There are many ways one can become an essay writer without hiding from the college administration. Freelance websites, academic writing companies, and many others offer a job for those who are eager. Here you will find tips on how to find a job online in case you want to become an essay writer.

Create Portfolio

The portfolio is your CV in this sphere. Try to gather as many samples of your work as possible. It can be an essay that you have recently written or any work that you have done for your colleges. In case, you have never seen a decent essay – you can order one on popular websites like and analyze it. The more you practice, the better the chances are to form an outstanding portfolio.

You can also write something in your blog and show potential employers your style of writing. If it is clean and grammatically correct – then it will be accepted. Try to show that you can generate ideas and wrap them in nice wording.


Many companies search for freelance writers to deal with academic papers. This is why it is essential to practice in this style of writing. There are plenty of websites offering such jobs like, Upwork and etc. You may be offered some easy projects in the beginning and if you show good results – your ranking will grow, as well as the pay.

Essay Writing Services

There are many specialized websites that offer professional writing services. When you apply for these companies – you will get test essays to complete. After successful completing of the tasks – the employer will register you in the system. According to your ranking – you will be offered certain kinds of tasks.

You may choose essays from the pool of the tasks available for you. A client sets the requirements and deadlines for a writer and may also track the work of the latter. In the end, if the client is satisfied – you will be paid. Be aware that the tightest deadlines bring the biggest amount of money.

Academic writing companies

These are similar to the essay writing services websites. However, they include a wider range of academic works to complete. Most of these companies look for writers who can work in different shifts, as they deal with clients worldwide. Not looking at the tough schedule this is the kind of job that pays off.

Writers also get 24/7 support and paid tools to use. Sometimes companies require presence in the office to monitor the activity of the employees and actually offer full-time employment contracts for the writers. This looks like a real corporate structure.

Mind Your Reputation

Once you have registered as an essay writer – make sure you do everything correctly. Pay attention to the deadlines and requirements of the client. Another important issue – is the uniqueness of an essay. If you write it – be sure you have created something that is not there on the web.

Remember, every mistake will be reflected in your rating as a writer. Before you start writing – master all the necessary essay writing tools like Grammarly, Advego or ProwWritingAid. First, they will ease your work. Secondly, they will make it much faster.

Furthermore, try to take as many tasks as you can complete. Plan everything correctly and do not bite more than you can chew. Writers often take too many tasks and then stuck with them without any progress.

The magic of a word

Once you create a good essay – you can spread a word about your services. There are many people out there eager to pay for the essay. Set up the competitive price and concentrate on the quality. When you have enough of the clients in the pool, you may set higher prices. Remember, that popular writers get paid more.

Respect Your Client

Sometimes people are just irritating. This is why you need to stay calm and listen to them. If you feel like everything was done correctly – then try to explain it to the client. Frequently students try to overcome the system by putting the blame on the service for “bad essays” and get the refund. However, such scams are quickly detected.

There always will be a lack of professional writers online. This is why you can easily find freelance or home office job on the Internet. Before you start the search – make sure you have learned enough about the sphere of academic writing. Time is also important. If you have a full-time job and want to deal with academic writing – better think the decision over. If taken seriously, essay writing takes a lot of time.

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