Baffling moment man runs across busy road close to lights then boots car that almost knocks him down


A RECKLESS pedestrian has been caught on camera running across a busy road just feet from a crossing – and then kicking a car that almost knocks him down.

The white-haired man refuses to use the pedestrian crossing nearby and sprints across two lanes of traffic in Croydon, London.

As he nears the safety of the kerb a car moves off and the unsuspecting driver comes within inches of mowing down the jaywalker.

The pedestrian is not only unapologetic but viciously boots the side of the car before screaming at the startled motorist.

The pedestrian becomes enraged by the car involved.

The clip was shot by Naseer Langah on his dashcam on March 27 and shared on a private social media group.

The car involved indicates right and pulls out of a layby just as the pedestrian is making his dash across the road.

After kicking out at the car, the man, who appears to have been shopping at a Sainsbury’s across the road, walks after the car and leans down to yell through the window.

By this stage the lights have gone red to traffic and the pedestrian could have crossed safely.

Commenters flooded into defend the driver and criticised the angry pedestrian.

Most viewers of the clip were certain the pedestrian was entirely to blame.

One commenter said: “Don’t know what the f was annoyed about he was running across the road, 20ft away from traffic lights that were about to turn red. C* was lucky he wasn’t ran down.”

A second commenter added: “Is that a pedestrian crossing I can see 10 metres ahead? Lazy t**t playing the victim!”

A third commenter wrote: “ “About time we brought ‘Jay-walking’ laws in. Make it so any moron Jay walking and gets hit, the driver is completely absolved of wrongdoing.”

Another commenter said: “Hitting a car because of his own stupidity. Guy’s asking for missing teeth.”

Another added: “Orange jacket d* gobbing off due to his own stupidity. If you’re reading this d*, fingers crossed you get your teeth knocked out next time. Prat.”

A few claimed the driver should take some of the blame.

One commenter said: “Maybe if driver hadn’t been taking off so fast to beat the following car he might have seen pedestrian crossing the road.”

A second added: “Both in the wrong.”

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