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Best & Safest Mobile Games: Parents Can Rest Safe While Kids Are Playing


If you’re a parent, you want what’s best for your child. But even the best parents need to take a break from time to time so what they do is they reach out for technology to help them.

From turning on cartoons on a tablet or downloading a simple game on mobile phone that’s simple enough for your child to enjoy. But every time you do that, there’s this fear that they will press that lurking “buy button” with their little fingers and the next day you’ll wake up with a $100 fee on your account. A scary thought indeed.

Luckily, there are many games for kids that take this possibility in the account and besides being made for kids, they are also completely safe so parents can take a break and relax without worrying about anything.

Kids happy, parents happy. It’s a win win situation. To help you out, we bring you three games that are totally safe for your kids to randomly punch the screen of your phone.

Metamorphabet – Weird, Educational, Fun

What’s interesting about Metamorphabet is it will likely catch the eye of adults as well with its unique visual design. Still, the game is made for kids, sorry grown ups.

The game revolves around teaching the alphabet by tapping, dragging various objects. The interface is perfectly designed so even toddlers can experience progress as items appear on the screen. We’d even suggest to turning the volume on since kids will be able learn speaking words thanks to the crisp and gentle voice.

The game even won the Apple Design Award thus the cost of the game, which is $3.99 is little compared to what you’ll get. Plus, the game is completely safe as there are no in-game purchases for your child to accidentally tap.

There’s not much to criticize about this game. It does what it says it does and that is to provide a simple experience suited for youngsters.

One little thing we can say if we decide to nitpick is that the game is short and might not really hold the attention of your child if you’re going on a 5-hour long trip for example. But, the game is a fantastic learning experience and if you want to combine fun and learning, it’s a fantastic choice.

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Pixie Dust – Long-hour game for girls

If you find yourself on a 5-hour long flight or bus trip, you need to get something that you’ll know will get your kids attention. Since there are many games for girls and boys, here’s on that’s great if you have a little girl. We found this one on a website that list similar games, so if you want to check for more options, here’s the link to the list where we found this game.

Best Spa Games for Girls

Pixie Dust is pretty straightforward and as much boys won’t enjoy it, girls will. The gameplay is focused on putting on makeup. The game is pretty intuitive and your kid will be able to get into it straight away no matter the age.

There are many options to do make up, try different dresses, accessories, spa treatments, etc. Yes, it is a game nobody over 10 will enjoy, but for everyone who’s younger this is perfect and it will definitely make sure the trip goes in peace and quiet without ruining the trip for other passengers with screaming.

One thing to note is that the game does have mini in-game buying options. But the maximum is the $9 option that basically unlocks the full game and that’s it. If you find that your girl is enjoying this game, the $9 option might be worth it depending on if you need the game for a long or short term.

It’s up to you. If you need an educational game go with the first one, but if you need a game to keep your child calm for more than 2 hours, this one is a better choice.

More Trucks by Duck Duck Moose – For boys (and girls)

The theme of this games is cars and yes, we do realize girls can enjoy cars as well. But since we already suggested a game for girls, it’s only fair we picked one for boys as well. Nevertheless, if you girl enjoys funny trucks and cars, feel free to get this one as well.

The game is simple as all the previous one. Let’s put it like this. If you’re able to read this review, you’ll find this (and the first two games) awfully boring. But if you still haven’t developed your reading capabilities, this game will provide hours of fun.

Kids can pick from many different cars and simply drive them around left and right. The beauty of the game doesn’t lie in the gameplay as much as it lies in the complete package. The visuals are gorgeous and colorful, controls are extremely simple and most important, the game is completely safe for toddlers to play.

Again, there’s nothing bad to say about this game, same as with previous one. When you have a game that isn’t aimed at adults, you can’t really criticize the difficulty, gameplay or the lack of storyline. These games are made for a certain young audience and at far these 3 games go, they are doing their job perfectly.


To conclude, if you’re a parent who need a bit of help from apps to entertain your kids, try one of the three games. We’re sure they will provide that valuable pocket of time for you to take a deep breath and just relax for a while.

We hope they will come in handy and please let us know if you find any other similar games that might serve the same purpose. We wish you all the best.

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