Chris Packham post pics of dead birds left at his home in revenge for wildlife protection campaign


CHRIS Packham has posted a horrifying image of dead birds hanging from a gate at his home – days after he won a vital wildlife protection battle.

The sickening image shows two dead crows hanging by their necks outside his home near Southampton.

Packham, best known for presenting the BBC’s Springwatch and Blue Planet Live, recently managed to get 16 wild bird species exempted from special licences which allow them to be killed.

His anti-hunting activities prompted an online petition for him to be sacked by the BBC.

The birds were found hanging from Packham’s gate days after his Wild Justice victory

Packham, 57, tweeted on April 25: “This was my gate this morning (it was vandalised) @HantsPolice & lawyers have been informed.”

Referencing the twitter names of organisations including the National Farmers Union and British Association for Shooting and Conservation, he added: “Can I ask you to comment on whether you condone this. Serious request – replies expected. Please retweet.”

Twitter users reacted in horror at Packham’s image.

Maxx019 said: “So landowners and farmers threatening conservationists?! Who else would do it?

The BBC presenter has faced a petition calling for his sacking

“Just shows how ignorant ppl are and what abhorrent views ppl have re the environment, wildlife and biodiversity! Utterly disgraceful.”

Kath Tyldesley wrote: “A vile attempt at intimidation and harassment. Hope whoever is behind this feels the full force of the law.”

Mark Mckay wrote: “Disgusting! This is how ‘country folk’ and farmers respond when you threaten their hegemony exploitation.”

Stephen Barlow wrote: “Sorry about this Chris, but these people are actual psychopaths.”

The BBC said Packham is a “respected and established naturalist”

It was revealed this week that Natural England will revoke general licences allowing the killing of 16 wild bird species following a legal challenge by Packham’s new organisation Wild Justice.

The alliance said that because there were no checks in place to ensure the killing of birds such as pigeons and crows was a last resort, then the issuing of licences was unlawful.

The petition on was launched on Tuesday calling for the BBC to sack Packham because he allegedly uses his celebrity status to “push anti-hunting agendas”.

Andrew Hayes created the petition and said: “As an employee of the BBC, Chris Packham should remain impartial and keep his views and beliefs to himself.

Packham took to Twitter and called out groups who have challenged him before

“However, he is the face of many anti-hunting campaigns and uses his celeb status as a platform to push his anti-hunting agenda.

“He has made it his goal to ban all kinds of hunting and country sports and pursuits and I feel he is no longer fit to work for the BBC.”

The Springwatch presenter has previously campaigned against hunting, including his attendance at a rally in 2017 to stop badger culling and fox hunting.

A spokesman for the BBC said: “Chris Packham is an established and respected naturalist in his own right and is not solely employed by the BBC.

“He may express personal views outside of his employment on BBC Natural History Programmes.”

Hampshire Constabulary confirmed that the vandalism incident had been reported to them.

They said: “We received a report at 6.57am on 25 April of criminal damage to a property in Arters Lawn, Marchwood.

“The incident took place between 8pm on 24 April and 6.50am on 25 April.

“If you have any information about this incident, please call 101 quoting 44190141581.”

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