Millionaire Jane Park reveals her 362-day sex drought


EURO Millions winner Jane Park has revealed she hasn’t had sex for 362 days.

Park, from Edinburgh, told her followers on social media on Sunday (April 28): “Day 362 without sex: I went outside to run in flip flops just to remember how it sounded like.”

Park’s revelations suggests a sex drought going back to May 2 last year, when she was still in a relationship with the then Dundee footballer Jordan Piggott.

On Twitter, Prem Nanban, responded: “Oh my god.”

The millionaire captioned a statement with suggestions about her sex life

Brian Mcmonagle complimented the millionaire: “Jane you can get any man in the world because you are a lovely girl.”

There was even an offer from one of her eager followers who replied: “Hi, share your contact number.”

Alessandro Cozzi referred to the number of days mentioned in the picture and joked: “3 more! The prize is round the corner.”

Jane hit the headlines seven years ago when she became the youngest ever winner of a Euro Millions jackpot aged 17 and pocketed £1 million from a lucky dip ticket.

Park split up with her footballer boyfriend Jordan Piggott last year

She has not managed good fortune in her love life however, and has had a host of failed relationships.

Last year it was revealed she was offering a £60,000 annual allowance to a winning applicant to date her using a website she set up.

Within the first 24 hours, over 10,000 applicants had signed up on the site called

Jane has also revealed this week that she is now bored of her millionaire lifestyle and is considering getting a job.

The EuroMillions winner has also stated she is “bored” of her glamorous lifestyle

After returning from a pals holiday to Lanzarote, she wrote on Twitter: “”Me n Chloe r that bored with our life’s n doing nothing all day were considering getting jobs howling man imagine us two behind a bar.”

It was revealed in November last year, that Park and Piggott were no longer an item.

Park captioned an Instagram picture of herself next to takeaway food with the words “fat and single”.

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