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How to Provide Millennials with Amazing Customer Support


In the United States alone, more than 75 million people are millennials. They have surpassed baby boomers to become the biggest group of consumers around the world. For years, this large demographic has been scrutinized. Every habit of theirs has been thoroughly examined under a microscope. Every market around the world is aware of the potential millennials hold and how important this demographic is for their business.

What makes millennials so important? Being the biggest consumer population around the globe, millennials contribute to more than $600 billion annually with their purchases and investments. Apart from this, they also make up most of today’s workforce. These factors are why this generation is responsible for driving business forward.

Tips that will help you meet customer service expectations for millennials

The entire world is currently focused on millennials, paying attention to their buying preferences, behavior, and choices. From designer shoes to cereal brands, everyone has their eyes on this demographic because the money lies with these young customers. Unlike baby boomers, millennials are far more demanding and they prefer to interact with their favorite brands across any platform possible. When it comes to customer service, millennials want two things – self-service and responsiveness.

If your business fails to give the millennials what they seek, prepare yourself for an onslaught of criticism and negative feedback. If a baby boomer does not like a company due to poor service, they simply discontinue doing business with them. Millennials, on the other hand, prefer to vent and warn potential customers about their poor experiences on review sites and social media. With consumer preferences constantly evolving and millennials demands taking the helm, you should be aware of certain tips that can help you make your young customers satisfied.

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  1. Be present everywhere

Millennials are big on social media, with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter making the top-three most used platforms. Marketing on these platforms will expose you to millions of potential customers while allowing you to interact with younger folk. Arranging for customer service on these sites also make it easier for millennials to reach out.

  1. Be quick

When it comes to this generation, it is important to be fast with everything, especially customer service. Responding to questions and complaints within the hour will likely earn you a satisfied millennial customer.

  1. Be human

While it is important to provide solutions, it is important to remember to be informal while interacting with a millennial on chat platforms and social media. Young people are more relaxed, so do not frustrate them with overly formal text or apologies.

  1. Self-service is key

Millennials are far more tech-savvy and aware compared to baby boomers. This also makes them more impatient. Young consumers are already aware of what has to be done, so they choose not to waste too much time waiting on someone else to take care of their issues. Self-service customer tools are ideal for millennials because they like to take charge and be involved.

How to customize your customer support to cater to millennials?

Young people are just as impressed by amazing customer support as their older counterparts, but they find artificiality and formality repelling. Making your customer support appear very formal or phony will only send your millennial customers into the arms of a competitor business.

If you are looking to fine-tune your customer service to appeal to the younger generation, you will need to focus on a few areas. Here are the most common customer service expectations by millennials and how you can use them to improve your ticketing system.

Make customer service fast and easy to access

Millennials are the digital generation, growing up with access to smartphones and the internet. This makes them expect to remain connected at all times. In this day and age, it is vital to remain relevant, and the best way is to be accessible. Millennials also prefer quick responses that allow them to interact with brands. More than 25 percent of millennials claim that they expect a response to a query made on social media in less than 10 minutes. Stay ahead of the game through quick customer service and easy accessibility.

Digital self-service is the answer

The easiest way for a millennial to fix something is to be involved. These people are self-reliant and highly dependent on technology. More than 75 percent of millennials prefer to resolve their customer service problems by themselves, so including virtual agents is a great way to improve support systems.

Millennials do not like robots

This population is educated and remains up-to-date with the latest technology and information. This makes millennials aware of insincere or fake customer services. While it is vital for a business to make its presence known on every social media platform, make sure there is a human controlling these accounts. Millennials prefer talking to another person, making sure they are involved in a meaningful and authentic conversation.

They are convenience consumers

While it is not true that millennials are impatient or lazy, they prioritize convenience over everything else. A millennial would prefer access to the right channels for the right information at any given time. Incorporating a virtual agent can make customer service more convenient for your millennial customers.

Making your customer service millennial-friendly is the best way to tap into this lucrative demographic. If they are willing to spend billions every year on their favorite things, why miss out on such a profitable opportunity?! Follow these tips to become more in-tune with the millennials demands and consumer base.

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