Moment trio of runaway dogs survive crossing all EIGHT lanes of busy motorway


DRAMATIC video shows a trio of dogs narrowly escape with their lives after running across eight lanes of motorway traffic.

The dogs dashed across the A1M in West Yorkshire, narrowly avoiding a cement mixer and the dashcam car itself, which swerves out of the way.

A black dog can just be made out crossing first near junction 44, followed by its two pals, both of which come incredibly close to getting hit by Richard Sykes’ vehicle.

Richard posted his clip online on April 27: “Not what you expect to see on the motorway. No dogs were hit.”

The clip shows Richard driving northbound at the junction for Leeds and York when the dogs emerge from the central reservation.

Richard could not believe it when the dogs made a dash for it in front of him – source Richard Sykes

A black dog can be seen running in front of the dashcam car first before two more follow quickly behind, causing Richard to urgently swerve out of the way.

A black and white pooch narrowly avoids being hit by Richard’s car, just seconds after the clip catches it dodging a HGV on the other side of the road.

Two pedestrians and another dog can be seen on the footbridge directly above where the dogs ran out from, but it is unknown if there is any relation.

Richard revealed in the comments of his post that the dogs had survived their ordeal.

Three dogs run across the lanes

He said: “All survived! I pulled over to make sure and they’d disappeared so obviously uninjured thankfully.”

“There were three altogether. There was one a little bit earlier which caught my attention so I was on the lookout.”

Viewers of the clip reacted online with many expressing how fortunate the dogs were.

Peter Waterworth said: “Lucky puppies!”

Lee Smith wrote: “OMG that was close.”

Leigh Dean added: “Woah very lucky!”

Craig Lindop commented: “Well done in avoiding them.”

One social media user joked: “Homeward Bound budget remake?”

Whereas Roy Temple joked: “Homeward Bound budget remake?”

Other viewers were intrigued to find out where the dogs came from.

Danny Critchley said: “Where was the owner? Had they escaped from a car?”

And Gaz Wood wrote: “Sheesh you did well to miss them. Whose dogs did they turn out to be?”

Richard responded by saying: “No idea. There was someone walking over the bridge but didn’t look like they’d lost any dogs so maybe a farm.”

Earlier this year, a Highways traffic officer adopted a dog she saved after witnessing him being struck on the M1 near Trowell, Nottinghamshire.

Hannah Moffitt took responsibility for Husky/Akita cross Thor after she had helped to save his life following the incident and he had recovered from surgery.

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