Women gets flood of hilarious pictures after tweeting: “Boys in dirty work gear – nothing sexier”

Olivia’s tweet racked up more than 23,000 likes

A WOMAN’S throwaway comment about liking men in “dirty work gear” has prompted a flood of snaps from lads only too happy to oblige.

Olivia Corcoran, from London, tweeted: “Boys in their dirty work gear, nothing sexier.”

Since then, Olivia has been inundated with pictures of men posing up in their grubby work clobber.

A few of the snaps are smouldering but most of them are hilarious.

A popular reply that Olivia said made her day.

Kyle McCabe, from Scotland responded with two hilarious photos of workie mate, Kyle Clelland, posing in typical boudoir photoshoot positions commenting: “Young @Kyle_Clelland11 at his best.”

Olivia responded to tweet to say: “These two pictures have made my day.”

@HenryyJames, from Hartlepool, sent Olivia a snap of him posing on a chair in showing off his luminous yellow dirty construction gear.

@Ross_Keeling 99 also responded with a picture of him posing after work with a pint in his work bright orange work trousers with a cheeky request: “Dm me if interested xx.”

Ross, who was enjoying a pint, asked Olivia to slide into his DMs.
Another user commented to this poser: “Nice Pipework.”

Grant Disher, from Fort William tried to entice Olivia with a photo of himself in his paint-stained work overalls covering his nipples.

Brooke Waithe, from Kent, can be seen topless and catching some sun as he poses in a hi-vis vest on some scaffolding.

@joshualeighton6 also replied with a photo of him posing on his side next to a hot water storage unit as @saucerboonie responds to him: “Lovely looking pipework.”

The hilarious responses did not just stop at tradesmen though.

The poses of men in their work gear had Twitter users in stitches.

Josh Farrell, from Liverpool, sent Olivia a snap of him showing off his guns in his McDonald’s gear.

@KayJ_KO, from Ashbourne, replied with a snap of him in a supermarket bakery with a hair net and a hat on.

@laurahill02 tweeted a photo of a man, assumed to be her partner, completely covered in mud with the caption: “Wish I could relate.”

The images in the replies were smouldering.

Speaking today, Olivia said that the tweet was simply prompted by a passing thought.

She said: “I was just thinking about how weird it was that work gear makes someone more attractive!

“I just thought it got more funny day by day as the replies started coming in.”

Those in hospitality also got involved.

The 19-year-old singleton said she hasn’t yet followed up with the requests from the workmen to get in touch.

Last week, a social media user went viral after tweeting about a vile message she received on Tinder slating her dress sense.

Thea Chippendale was bombarded with abuse from a singleton known only as ‘George’ who said her ASOS dress did her “no favours.”

The 20-year-old student from North Lincolnshire had the ultimate revenge as she has gone on to become a model for the dress on the ASOS website.

This guy might have taken the dirty work gear comment too literally.

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