Firm hold “bruneral” for original recipe Irn Bru – featuring coffin packed with almost 300 cans


By Cammy Anderson

BIZARRE snaps show a coffin stuffed with hundreds of cans of “full sugar” Irn Bru.

The “bruneral” is being held to mark the passing of the original recipe drink, which was altered to avoid the government’s sugar tax.

And with cans fetching around £6 each, the 296 cans packed into the casket are currently worth about £1,776.

The ceremony was dreamed up by Dundee clothing brand Abandon Ship to publicise their return to their old premises.

The coffin contains just shy of 300 tins of original recipe Irn Bru Source: Abandon Ship

100 cans of the original Irn Bru will be handed out free to fans attending the “bruneral” this Saturday.

Pictures show a specially made coffin which has the phrase: “I’ll always love Bru” written on it.

They captioned their post: “This Saturday our new store hosts a Bruneral – a funeral for the OG recipe Irn Bru.

“We will be selling inspired pin and T-shirt sets that include a free can of OG Irn Bru (100 cans available) and this may be your last chance to get one.”

The ‘bruneral’ will be hosted in Abandon Ship’s store in Dundee Source: Abandon Ship

An image of the coffin shows how it has been painted orange, with several random objects – such as loo roll and a tiger – part of the artwork.

The lid and the bottom of the coffin have a black heart painted on them with “I’ll always love bru” written on the middle.

Despite still being available in some stores – albeit at a massively inflated price – many have made their feelings known that they want the ‘old’ Irn Bru back.

The coffin design is inspired by Abandon Ship’s artistic style Source: Abandon Ship

@catstewarttt said: “I still look at the sugar contents of every single irn bru in the hope it’s still an old one : ((( sad.”

@bethknight_ added: “I miss the old irn bru with all my lil heart.”

@ChloeCowdell remarked: “For the love a god bring back the old irn bru recipe immediately we are desperate here! Hangovers are incurable we need sugar.”

@RobDunsmore suggested the old recipe should be made available to the public: “Since Irn Bru don’t make and sell their old recipe anymore, they should make it public domain. Let us homebru.”

The original recipe sugar content is over twice as much as the current recipe Source: Abandon Ship

Last year, as new legislation branded the “sugar tax” was introduced, A G Barr reduced the sugar content of their infamous fizzy drink.

The legislation means that soft drink producers have to pay an extra levy on drinks that contain a high amount of sugar.

Earlier this week, a newsagents revealed the price of original recipe irn bru they have increases by £1 when stock is low.

However, Ali Baig said since getting a new supplier, punters can get the old version for £5.99 instead of £6.99.

The 32-year-old said: “The price is dictated by supply and demand. “When stock was low, we put the price up.”

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