Violent street battle between two women dubbed the “spice girls reunion”


A SHOCKING battle between two women in the middle of a city street has been dubbed the “spice girls reunion” online.

A woman is dragged by her hair across the road and another punched in the face as the violence erupts in Leeds.

A man with a walking stick manages to separate the women for a brief moment before they start scrapping again.

The clip was posted by an onlooker, who wishes to remain anonymous, to Facebook.

He captioned his post: “The spice girl reunion.”

The fight broke out on New York Street in Leeds

The video begins with a woman in a white top and a walking stick crossing New York Street in Leeds and confronting another woman.

She can be seen tussling with a woman in an Ellesse top and parka jacket appearing to be arguing over the bags.

Later on, another woman in a black tracksuit arrives into shot. The women in the parka jacket holds out the bag she’s carrying to which the other woman grabs her.

However, the woman in the tracksuit is soon dragged to the pavement by her hair and the pair are seen scrambling on the pavement.

A man with crutches can be seen trying to break up the fight and things seem to calm down.

The brawl eventually spilled onto the road

Following this, the women then come face to face again and the women in the black tracksuit lashes out with a punch to the face, but is then thrown into the middle of the road.

The pair then continue scraping on the pavement before the women in the parka runs onto the road and when her opponent tries to run over to her, she trips up.

The woman wearing the parka appears exhausted on the road and is later helped to her feet by other onlookers before the clip ends.

The clip also received multiple comments from Facebook users.

One Facebook user described the incident as “grim”

Nik Svarc said: “Grim.”

Ross Adam Blackmore said: “If anyone is going to bring McGregor out of retirement it’s the one in the Ellesse.”

Matt Smithy Smith commented: “That was great, just great. I’m about to move back to Leeds and can’t wait for all of this.”

Henry Botham said: “Don’t do drugs kids.”

Daniel Collins commented: “Posh Spice definitely isn’t there.”

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