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4 diverse STEM sector firms


The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)sector is diverse andconsists of awide range of businesses.

So this variety makes the STEM an ideal market for aspiring entrepreneurs to explore.

With that in mind, these four fantastic STEM firms might whet your investment appetite.

Steam School

The UK is currently facing a STEM skills shortage which, according to the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, is costing the country £1.5bn a year.

However, start-ups such as the Liverpool based Steam School are working to bridge this skills gap by connecting school children with industry giants. For example, they host weekly live broadcasts where pupils can hear from the most innovative players in the science, tech and digital media worlds.

The Steam School aims to raise aspirations and awareness of the STEM industry by equipping students with the ‘4 Cs’ of 21st century learning – creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills.


One in fivecouples struggle with getting pregnant – and in 40% ofcases, this is due to the man’s fertility.

In response, ExSeedhave created afertility testing gadget which measures sperm count and quality, so men now have an alternative to attending clinics and undergoing invasive procedures.

Thefertility device is linked to an app which,as well as providing test results, also offers a personalised lifestyle program that’s been developed by expert nutritionists and doctors to help improve chances of fertility.

To find out more info about male fertility specialists ExSeed, visit the official site.

My Maths

Maths is challenging subject –it can take a lot of practice and dedicationto get those equations and formulas to stick in your head.

Thankfully, online learning platform My Maths is here to help. Despite being based in the UK, it’s used in over 70 countries across the globe and boasts over four million users.

With fun interactive lessons and homework tasks, it’s a great tool for promoting achievement and interest in Maths among students from an early age.

King Scientific

When you think of science, you probably imaginepeople conducting research and experiments in high-tech laboratories.

And this is where lab equipment providers King Scientific come into their own –they provide lab equipment such as flasks, test tubes and beakers to businesses.

The business has been operating since 1993 and has built up a loyal and diverse customer base which includes schools, universities and commercial labs.

As you can see, enterprises in this sector range from the traditional to the cutting edge, so there’s room for everyone, provided your offering is high-quality.

The STEM industry is a vital industry which meets range of consumer needs and it’s continuing to grow, so there are a lot of opportunities waiting to be exploited by the brightest budding entrepreneurs.

Who are your favourite STEM firms? Share them in the comments section.

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