“Are midgets a problem there?” Cypriot gets into a hilarious tangle over Scotland’s winged menace.


A SCOTTISH student has revealed how a foreigner’s attempt to find out about midges ended in hilarious confusion.

Elisa Lee, who is studying pharmacy in Aberdeen, was quizzed online by the unidentified Cypriot about life in the Granite City.

All was going well until the man asked: “Oh I almost forgot. Are midgets a problem there?”

A very confused, Elisa replied: “What do you mean?”

Elisa shared screenshots of the messages she had from the Cypriot

He explained: “Well I heard that there a lot of midgets in Scotland.

“It’s a kind of bug that stings you. It’s basically a kind of mosquito.”

The 22-year-old student at Robert Gordon University shared the exchange online with the caption: “Howlin, some boy from Cyprus messaged me asking how my uni course was and what Aberdeen is like, am deed.”

Freya Clarke responded: “Insight into Aberdeen for you.”

Chris Reid commented: “‘Midgets’ ‘Midge’ same hing.”

@snoozwbat said: “Midges how can he get it so wrong with one letter lmao.”

The Twitter post racked up more than 7000 likes

@AdamHatesLife said: “Pepper spray some midgets.”

@megan_taylor98 commented: “Wtf.”

@1888steven said: “”Aberdeen is full of midgets so tell him it’s a good place for a concert if you happen to be stood up the back.”

@indiebutler commented: “‘These midgets are annoying me’.”

@ThatScotsmanGuy said: “Bust out the Midget-B-Gone it’s that time of year like.”

Speaking today, Elisa revealed how the man managed to correct his mistake.

She said: “I’m not sure if he’s planning on moving to Aberdeen but he said he saw I was studying pharmacy at RGU and just asked if I could tell him a bit about the uni experience and city!

“He said he wants to open his own pharmacy one day.”

Elisa said the man managed to correct himself

Last summer was claimed as the “worst ever year” for midges.

Deer manager Scott Sweeney, from Inveraray, Argyll and Bute, said: “They are always bad, but I don’t think I have ever seen this before in my life.

“They may well calm off, but at this exact moment, they are the worst ever.”

68 million midges are estimated to have descended on Scotland in 2017, a 40% rise compared with the year before.

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