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10+ Best Tips for Writing a Recommendation Letter


Writing a recommendation letter can be a matter of extreme honor but at the same time, it is a very weighty task as well. You may find some best letter template on the Internet but those templates can hardly impress the recipient.  Fortunately, there are some general tips that you should apply before you write a recommendation letter for someone else.

  • Use of Standard formal letter writing convention: In the recommendation letter you should place the name and address of the applicant on the top right and then the name and address of the recipient on the left side. After that, you should use the correct salutation. For example:
  • Short but enthusiastic praise: You should begin the letter by praising the applicant a little bit and putting a positive note on him/her so that the recipient may know that you believe in the person. For example, you can write in the following way:

I am extremely pleased to recommend Philips for the position of Assistant Manager at your organization. I worked very closely with Philips from 2013 to 2018 and I found him extremely talented and enthusiastic.

  • Describe how you came to know the applicant: You must specify how you came to know the applicant and how long you have worked him. For example, you can write:

While I was VP in ABC organization in 2016, I was Philip’s direct supervisor. He worked under my supervision from 2016 to 2020 and we worked very closely together on numerous project. I found him to be through professional and hardworking. Starting from the executive team to the end users everybody used to like his approach to work.  

  • Specify the success story: It is important to specify what the applicant has done with some specific instances and examples. For example:

Philip is very optimistic and never wants to listen ‘No’. When everyone says ‘No’, Philip comes forward with some innovative solution to the problem that ultimately provides tremendous success to the company.

  • Make a comparison for illustrating the success of the applicant: You should compare the applicant with other so that the recipient understands it well why you have recommended the applicant. For example:

My job as VP in the ABC organization was never easier or enjoyable until Philips joined my team and make the critical things possible to achieve.   

  • Include how the applicant wants to improve: In the recommendation letter, you should give some examples whereby you can show that the applicant has enough zeal to improve his weak areas. For example:

Initially, Philip was not good in the documentation but he worked very hard and today he has become of the expert in documenting and commenting the script and process.

  • Try to make the letter action-oriented: It is highly necessary to begin each paragraph with a punchy and active affirmation of the qualities or characteristics of the applicant. For example,

In the last few years, Philip’s skill has grown tremendously.

  • Specify the reason why you recommend the applicant: You should make it clear why you recommend the applicant so that the recipient can understand the value of the applicant well. For example, you can write in the following way:

Due to high professionalism, hardworking and simple nature, I think Philips will be the best choice for you and he will certainly make a fine addition in your team.

  • Give the recipient a chance to contact you: It is also necessary to give your contact number and ask the recipient to contact you for a further follow-up question. For example:

Feel free to contact me at the above contact number in case you have any question.

  • Conclude the letter affirmatively: While concluding the letter you should reiterate your recommendation. For example:

With such huge abilities, adaptability, and dedication I have no doubt that you will please to hire Philips in your team.

  • Use proper closing terms and signature: You should include proper closing terms such as:


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