Dad and boy looking on Amazon for school bag confronted with page of sex toys


A FATHER looking on Amazon for schoolbags with his four-year-old son was shocked to be confronted with images of sex toys and bondage gear.

Adam Urquhart from Market Drayton, Shropshire was searching for trekking rucksacks on the website yesterday.

But the 30-year-old was astonished and furious when very explicit sexual images appeared without warning before Johnathan’s eyes.

Adam was shocked when his search for a schoolbag turned into something NSFW.

Adam recreated the search while filming on his mobile and posted the image to Amazon’s community Facebook page.

He informed the retailer: “I was looking for a new school bag with my four year old and this happened. WTF.”

The clips shows Adam first showing his search options, which show that he clicked on the “Sports & Outdoors” before clicking on the camping and hiking section.

Upon discovering the sex toys he immediately removed his child from the situation.

He then clicked on the “Bags and Packs” section then trekking rucksack before he typed in for minimum £20 and maximum £30. The top right hand corner he changed his preference from “featured” to “price low to high”.

Adam then begins scrolling through the pages of bags before suddenly being presented with very graphic images of assorted sex toys.

Speaking today: “I was angry as I had my child with me looking at rucksacks and never in a million years would I have expected to see such items or have any intentions of my son seeing such things.

“My boy didn’t get chance to think anything of it. As soon as I saw the first thing I removed him from the situation as I don’t want my son to know what adult toys and bondage equipment is until he is of an age that he can responsibly know what they are.

“I was looking for a rucksack for my son as he starts school in September. I own a hiking rucksack and he wanted one ‘Like daddy’s’.

The graphic images shocked him.

“All I was doing was looking through the section on amazon relating to hiking bags and they appeared several times mixed in with the backpacks.”

Last year Amazon came under fire after a customer was searching on the website for rose seeds – and was met with images of a woman tied up in bondage gear.

Franziska Kraushaar, from London, had expected to find images of flower seeds for gardening yesterday while searching through the selling website.

Amazon have come under fire in March for selling inappropriate items such as pro-paedophilie baby grows with the slogan “daddy’s little f*** toy.”

Adam and Jonathan had been searching for schoolbags as the 4 year old begins school in September.

The item was slammed by Prof. Marci Hamilton, CEO of Child USA, labelling it dangerous to children.

They also came under fire for selling books that promoted rape, and illegal and dangerous weapons to the UK.

Amazon have confirmed the error has been fixed.

A spokesman said: “Thanks for providing that insight. The error has now been corrected.”

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