Heartwarming moment driver stops on Manchester ring road to usher geese and their chicks to safety


HEARTWARMING footage shows motorists stop on one of the country’s busiest roads to shepherd a family of geese to safety.

The four adult birds and six chicks were in imminent danger of being crushed to death after they strayed on to Manchester’s ring road.

But Jonathan Thorpe stopped his car in the middle of the road and got out to save the geese.

His own dashcam recorded how Jonathan, helped by two other motorists, ushered the geese to safety, even improvising a ramp to help them up the kerb.

The geese, unaware of danger, wander into the road.

Jonathan, from Manchester, came across the emergecy on Friday teatime while on the A57 Ring Road.

Jonathan posted the video to a dash cam Facebook group captioned: “Knew a dash cam was a good idea haha. Normal day of living in the city.”

He also posted it on his own page captioned: “Just a normal day living in the city.”

The video shows Jonathan walking along the motorway approaching a gaggle of geese. One woman can be seen trying to cross the road whilst another in the distance appears to be carrying a wooden board.

Four cars precariously weave around the geese whilst Jonathan tries to usher them across the road.

Jonathan helped the chicks who were stuck reunite with the bigger birds,

Jonathan can be seen picking up the tiny chicks, some of which are stuck in road works, and helping them catch up with their anxious parents.

Jonathan escorts the gaggle across the busy road as the woman with the board places it on a kerb to create a ramp.

The two women join forces with Jonathan and collectively muster the geese towards the makeshift ramp as they are ushered to safety.

The helpful road users helped the animals to safety.

The clip has delighted many in the comments.

Kayleigh Louise said: “My heart.”

Karima Hijamah added: “Cute.”

Jimbob Taylor wrote: “Incredible.”

Wendy Cartwright-thorpe said: “Where’s your lollipop.”

David Redgrave wrote: “Joining the Mancunian way from Salford? They’re always around there.”

Jonathan said in the comments: “I live in Manchester and it happens at least once a week.”