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What’s New on Instagram?


Instagram usually update their mobile application regularly to improve the software and add new features that will enhance the satisfaction of users. Changes are needed to adapt to the evolving environment of social media and to keep Instagram ahead in the race. Well, thanks to the ideas suggested by different users to improve Instagram, developers are able to come up with new features, algorithms, and services. And if you want to have more followers on Instagram, check Famoid’s Instagram followers services now and get yourself with a bunch of IG followers.

Changes That You Should Know About Instagram

Muting an Account

Finally, you are now able to get away from any toxic or unwanted users on Instagram. If you have some problem with other users on Instagram because of some reason, you are now able to mute and avoid getting notifications coming from them. To be honest, it seems like there is always someone out there who annoys us a lot especially if that user or person is a toxic individual. Because of public demand, Instagram introduced the mute feature wherein a user can mute a certain user if they don’t want to receive any notification from a certain user. Eventually, the new Instagram update is tied in with giving clients more power over the substance they find in their feed. Be that as it may, from a business point of view, it just makes it much simpler to deal with your social records.

How to mute a user:

•    Find the account of the user that you will mute

•    Click on the three dots located at the top right corner of the screen

•    After you see a pop-up, select “mute”

•    Finalize your decision on how much you would like to avoid receiving notification about that user

That’s it, a simple feature yet very essential for enhancing your newsfeeds.

Polls in Sponsored Stories

Instagram Story stickers have effectively been a standout amongst the best improvements since its release a few years ago. Furthermore, think about the number of updates and improvements Stories have gotten since they’ve gone live, that is amazing. Sticker effects are now available with Story Ads on IG, bringing the whole new level of interactivity. Upon adding Story Ads, the advertisers can add poll questions to an image or picture that is posted in the user’s story. Usual polls come in with a question and a couple of choices. Exploiting this feature will give you an advantage when you have advertisements in your Story. This is an incredible way, to begin to fabricate a fresh relationship with your followers and audience of people.


Instagram’s regular implementation of changes and updates are mainly focused on improving the experience of its users. As changes are needed to cope up with the non-stop advancement of technology, users should expect more updates in the future. That makes it very interesting to think about the next features that will be released soon.

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