The modern meditation technique that will change your life for good


A man has developed a meditation technique that has transformed lives of people who live with conditions such as insomnia, depression and anxiety.

Will Williams has given many of his clients a sense of joy and fulfillment in his unique Beeja meditation technique.

Beeja meditation allows its meditators to be self-sufficient, and to rest and realign their mind and body for a calmer, more creative and fulfilled life.

Beeja meditation is a quick 20 minute process that is easy for beginners and can be done quickly anytime and anywhere.

Will is one of the UK’s leading meditation teachers and experts

Beeja meditation takes you 33% deeper into relaxation than even your deepest sleep.

Will’s meditation technique is so successful at calming the mind that he has become one of the UK’s leading meditation teachers and experts

Will’s work has been relayed in his book ‘The Effortless Mind’ which explains how Beeja meditation soothes and calms both the mind and the central nervous system – with fast-acting, tangible results.

Each chapter in the book is dedicated to a different problem created in our increasingly pressured and demanding world including addiction, divorce, and work-related stress.

Compelling real life stories reveal how Beeja meditation can help overcome these traumatic situations and help improve relationships with both ourselves and others, with chapters on family, anger management, digestion and overeating.

Will teaches Beeja meditation to the world’s biggest brands including Google, Microsoft, BBC, Spotify, HSBC, Sony and Universal. His celebrated courses and retreats have taught film stars, musicians, business leaders, royals, politicians and explorers how to use his simple method to increase productivity, release potential and foster creativity.

Will believes his book will spark new interest in Beeja meditation.

Will said: “This year more than any other people feel more uneasy and anxious about the pressures of modern life and the complex world we all must now navigate.

“Being able to cut through the noise and take on challenges with the healthiest, fittest and ablest mind is vital. In ‘The Effortless Mind’, I’m thrilled to tell the story of our Beeja technique and the lives it has changed.

“Beeja meditation also offers an unmatched opportunity for those wanting to supercharge their life. My book shows how you can be more productive and creative – transforming your professional life, and opening up new ideas and opportunities in and out of work.

“I’m confident ‘The Effortless Mind’ will spark a new wave of interest in our technique, and change lives for the better.”

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