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Living Your Life To The Fullest


We bet you know the expression “living life to the fullest”. However, have you ben ever thinking of how it is possible to live a full life? According to Steven Sotlof, we all have two lives, and the second one starts when we realize that we have only one life. What is that supposed to mean? When can one know he/she is living life to the fullest? How to make your life brighter? That’s what we are going to talk about in this article.

How Can One Start Living Life to the Fullest?

There is no unified definition of “full life”. Probably, living a full life means something different to each of us, as each person is unique and has unique attitudes to life. However, there are several things that are arising in mind when it comes to living life to the fullest:

  • traveling around the world
  • partying hard
  • jumping with a parachute
  • following our hearts
  • doing various crazy things and so on

The question is, “When we realize that we need to live a full life?” Most people do not live a full life. They do what they think they have to do, day by day, without paying much attention to what they really want to do. After watching some motivational movies or reading motivational books, they “wake up” for a short period of time, thinking about changes in life, but then start living on autopilot again.

As sadly as it sounds, most people do not want to live their lives to the fullest until something really bad happen. It may be the death of a relative or a friend, losing a job, negative results of the cancer screening, or a divorce. Such stressful moments compel us to think about how short our life is and how many things haven’t been done yet. Sometimes these moments make people change their lives for the better, but more often they still get back to their daily routines after a certain period of time. The reason for this is strong resistance to forming new habits. We are prisoners of our habits, and only too few of us manage to escape from this prison. Summing up all the above-mentioned, it turns out that the only method to start living life to the fullest lies in our passion and our desires. You won’t change your life if you don’t really want to.

Photo by Pier Francesco Grizi on Unsplash

Tips and Tricks on How to Make Your Life Brighter

Ask yourself, “Am I satisfied with my life?” and unless the answer is “Yes, I am”, then have a look at the following tips on how to make your life better and brighter. At least, a little bit.

Make a priority list. Sit and think of the things you want to do in your life. Not your parents, not your friends, not your neighbors, not your colleges, but you! It’s about your life, so do what you want to do, even the others find it foolish.

Start reaching the goals right now. After you’ve made your priority list, start living up to it immediately. Don’t put off until tomorrow, because the future is only in our mind, in our thoughts, and in our dreams. As they say, no time like the present, so do it right now!

Take a risk. No risk, no reward. All the huge rewards come with a certain risk. Why not test your luck at the highest payout online casino or launch some new business you have been thinking about for a long time? More risk means sweeter victory.

Do some charity work. It’s a pleasure to receive gifts, but it’s even more pleasant to give them, especially if you give them to a stranger who really needs it. It won’t take you much to give several dollars to a homeless person, but it will definitely help him to survive and help you feel pleased with yourself.

Don’t be afraid to say “I love you”. Tell your family and your relatives how much you love them. It costs nothing, but it brings a lot.

Does “Calm Life” Equal “Happy Life”?

Living life to the fullest doesn’t actually mean leaving your comfort zone. You won’t live a full life if you are doing something you don’t have the heart for. If your dream is to live in a small and quiet village, where nobody stops you from planting the flowers and simply lying on the river bank, then it’s your “full life”. Don’t strive to achieve something that nobody has achieved yet in case you don’t want to do it. Having a calm life can also be living a full life. So, just do what you want to do, and ignore all the haters around you. That is the key point!

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