Therapy? Try hair-apy! Scottish women reveal relationship woes and family drama at the salon


Scottish Women are more likely to discuss personal problems with their hair stylist than family and friends, according to a recent survey.

Sixty-one per cent of women in Scotland reveal secrets to their hairdresser that they wouldn’t share with anyone else, including their partner, family or friends.

Research by Regis, a hair salon chain, has uncovered sensitive subjects being broached in the stylist’s chair, with 30 per cent of women discussing family issues, one in four talking about medical problems and one in five spilling gossip about friends.

Fourteen per cent of women polled have used their time in the ‘hair-apy’ chair to moan about work colleagues, while 5 per cent have talked to their hairdresser about cheating in their relationship or plans to break up with their partner.

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Jackie Lang, Managing Director at Regis, the national hair salon chain and colour experts that commissioned the study, said: “It’s a wonderful and quite powerful relationship – the bond between a person and their hair stylist. By visiting a hair salon you are already trusting them with your hair, which is a big step for many people.

“But it’s surprising to see how many Scottish women are happy to give away their deepest secrets to someone they may only communicate with for a few hours at a time.

“This highlights how important this bond is and the trust associated between the client and the stylist. As we launch our new colour menu this month, we know it will help our stylists when they consult with their clients when it comes to having a change in their hair colour – if not the rest of their life!”

Interestingly, however, 12 per cent of women in Scotland have made a major life decision based on a conversation with their personal hair-apist.

A fifth of those have changed jobs on a stylist’s advice, 15 per cent have decided to try for a baby and another 15 per cent decided whether to come out of the closet as gay.

The average hairdressing session in Scotland lasts for an hour and seventeen minutes, leaving plenty of time for sharing juicy secrets and dispensing helpful advice.

More than half (51 per cent) of the region’s women see the same hairdresser every time, with 53 per cent looking forward to appointments so they can ‘have a natter’.

In fact, a third of the 161 women surveyed would describe their regular hairdresser as a genuine friend, not just as someone who cuts their hair.

Jackie from Regis, which commissioned the research to mark the launch of its new colour menu in salons nationwide, added: “People usually imagine we only share our innermost secrets with our best friends. But by and large, it seems the women of Scotland are happy to put their trust in the same person they trust to give them a great hairstyle or new colour.

“For many the simple act of sharing a secret or a problem can be a real weight off the shoulders and another great reason to visit the salon.”

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