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Paddle & Pick Campaign Helps Rubbish Removal Efforts in the London Waterways


Our waterways are choking under the pressure of carrying all of our excess waste, much of it plastic that will never decompose. We’ve all seen Blue Planet or that shocking video of the turtle with a plastic straw stuck up its nose.

Many of us have vowed to do better when it comes to dealing with our rubbish but there are still people out there happy to either dump their rubbish directly into the water or in a place where it ends up finding its way to our rivers.

Luckily, there is an initiative to help clear some of our most beloved waterways. When it comes to rubbish removal in London, this team is really playing its part.

Active360, an organisation that organises paddleboard and canoe activities have also found a way to help clear our waterways. Their Paddle and Pick campaign allows the public free use of their paddle board and canoes, including a short lesson, in return for each participant playing their part in collecting litter.

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It’s an initiative designed to stop waste from finding its way into the ocean. Whilst litter in our rivers is unsightly, it can be catastrophic in the ocean, especially plastic. This material can be eaten by fish and other sea mammals and can even end up in our food chain. As well as destroying marine life, it could end up making us ill too.

They have the same motivations as green rubbish removal firms in London such as Clearabee. While Active360 aims to divert rubbish from our oceans, Clearabee works to divert waste from the landfill.

When it comes to rubbish removal in London, this has to be one of the most awesome ways to divert that we have come across. Yet, it is such a great way to prevent plastic and other waste materials from ending up in our oceans.

The events that Active 360 run have been extremely popular, probably because of the coverage in recent times highlighting the depth of the plastic crisis in our oceans. They really are doing their bit to help clear up our waters. The popularity has enabled them to begin to help corporate entities to get involved and organise their own clean-up sessions.

These sessions are organised alongside Plastic Ocean Festival, with Active 360 providing the equipment and working with the company to determine a timetable for the day. This is such a win-win for everyone, the organisation gets great exposure for their role in rubbish removal in London, paddlers and visitors to the rivers can enjoy a litter-free experience and we are reducing the amount of waste ending up in the ocean.

The popularity of the paddle and pick events has given Active 360 the ability to reach out to other watersports companies working on other waterways. Some other organisations that they have inspired include Canal and Rivers Trust, Thames 21, Chelsea Canoe Club, British Canoeing and Islington Canoe Club. This is not an exhaustive list but it is really heartwarming to see so many people on board and working together to protect our oceans.

Clearabee loves to work with organisations working hard to keep our planet clean. This is what they aim to do too. Clearabee works really hard when carrying out rubbish removal in London to ensure that they divert at least 90% of the rubbish that collected from the landfill.

Their passion for recycling is rooted in creating a better planet. No one wants to live in a world that is choking on our waste. With 90% of waste diverted of the waste that Clearabee collects, much of it is either sent to second-hand stores to benefit someone else or to specialist recycling centres to become a different product.

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