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5 Reasons to Implement AR/VR technology Into Your Business


As AR/VR technology is becoming more and more advanced, businesses in all industries realize the benefits that AR and VR can offer their business. Let’s take a closer look.   

1. Provide a Personalized User Experience   

Regardless of the industry you are in, your competitors are vying to attract customers into their business.

Nowadays, consumers are looking to get a penalized user experience, and the merchant who does the best job will attract the most customers.

The best way to provide a custom user experience is with AR/VR. For example, if you are a retailer and somebody walks into your store, you can use an augmented mirror to allow them to try on the clothes without having to make trips to the fitting room.

This saves customers a lot of time and provides with a pleasant and customized experience.    

2. Enhance Your Marketing and Advertising Campaigns   

One of the reasons marketers love using AR is because it encourages people to interact with the advertisements.

Recently, Moosejaw, which is an outdoor gear brand, used AR in the print catalog, but it came with a catch.

After the users downloaded their mobile app, they could use it to scan the catalog and see an X-ray image of the models in their undergarments. 

Needless to say, this created quite a buzz.    

3. Immerse the User in the Content   

Nothing provides an immersive user experience like virtual reality. It is an excellent way to get and retain the user’s attention for an extended period of time.

For example, if you are a real estate agent, there is no need to send customers printed pictures of the home for sale.

The HTC Vive was released in 2016 allowing users to see a virtual world (C) PB

You can use VR to offer them a 3D virtual tour which will give them a better understanding of what the house looks like than a printed picture or advertisement.

 AR / VR software development is continually coming up with new ways to immerse the viewer and simulate real-world experiences, and we expect new advancements as time goes on.    

4. Reach New Audiences   

You can use AR to reach new audiences with brand partnerships. One common way we see brands using partnerships and AR to drive awareness is through Snapchat.

Snapchat filters are powered by AR, and brands can pay to advertise on the social media app through their own sponsored filter.    

5. Revolutionize Employee Training and Education   

Using AR and VR to train your employees has many great benefits. 

First of all, you can teach them remotely, which means that you can hire employees from anywhere in the world and give them the same education as your in-house staff.

Also, it is better from a safety perspective. Companies like UPS are using virtual reality to simulate hazardous conditions employees might encounter in their daily jobs.

This is much easier than simulating such a dangerous situation in real life and much safer than having the person experience this situation for training purposes.    

These are just some of the benefits augmented, and virtual reality can offer to businesses.

You can be sure that your competitors are already using these technologies to get a business advantage, and you need to start using them as well to avoid falling behind.    

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