Mum claims daughter almost “choked” on Asda fish fingers after biting into cardboard


A MUM was horrified after claiming her daughter “choked” on a large piece of cardboard inside her fish finger dinner.

Tamaiya Blake’s seven-year-old daughter was eating the Asda own-branded fish fingers last Thursday when she realised something wasn’t quite right

As her little girl munched her last fish finger she found it difficult to swallow and began to choke.

Tamaiya from Eastlands, Manchester, was shocked to then find a large brown strip of thick cardboard under the batter and through the fish finger.

The piece of cardboard resembled ‘something at the end of toilet roll’

The 29-year-old student decided to enlist the help of friend Jen Cockerill to complain about the product on Twitter after buying it from her local Asda branch.

Jen tweeted: “Last night my friend’s daughter was choking to then find that it was cardboard cooked inside a fish finger.

“Cardboard!?! Why and how is cardboard in the fish finger?! Asda’s own brand too! Absolutely disgusting!!”

The Asda Service Team responded by thanking Jen for making them aware of what had happened.

The Asda brand fish fingers were popular in Tamaiya’s home

Jen added to her post by saying: “It’s just awful. I don’t think I can look at fish fingers in the same way for a while.”

Pictures taken by the mother show the cardboard wrapped in the fish and half-eaten by her daughter who had started trying to eat .

Thankfully, her daughter was not seriously harmed by the incident, but the product has been taken away by Asda for investigation.

The mother has also received a £10 gift card plus full reimbursement of the £1.37 item as an apology from the store.

Tamaiya’s seven-year-old daughter choked on the foreign object in her food

Speaking today, Tamaiya said: “My daughter couldn’t chew the fish finger as it was too hard. I looked at the plate and you could see something sticking out.

“It was a big shock and quite hard to believe, The card was all the way through it. It was quite thick and resembled what you get at the end of a toilet roll.”

She said the discovery has put her off buying fish fingers again in the future which is a shame as its a popular product in her home.

The mum also wants Asda to treat their investigation into the product seriously as the experience might have been much scarier.

Tamaiya, 29, hopes Asda take her complaint seriously

Tamaiya added: “These are aimed at kids as a quick meal and I’ve always bought the Asda ones as the quality has been quite good for the price.

“I don’t think I will be able to buy them again. Hopefully they take urgent action with this as it could have been much worse.”

Asda have been contacted for comment.

This is not the first time a supermarket has been called out for having cardboard contained in fish fingers.

In May 2016, Aberdeen mum Lisa Duncan complained to Iceland when she discovered cardboard inside the food she was feeding to her 10-month-old daughter.

Lisa said she was unlikely to shop at the store on Aberdeen’s Great Northern Road again despite receiving an apology and a £10 gift voucher.

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