“That’s what you call a real hero” – amazing clip shows tradesman jumping into canal to save deer


INCREDIBLE footage captures a painter jumping into a freezing canal in his underwear, risking his own life to rescue a drowning deer.

Marc Headon from Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, was filmed swimming in the canal to help the struggling deer before it was pulled onto the bank by his colleague Jamie Toyne.

The 27-year-old was then captured trying to get the soaking wet deer back to its feet once on land and reassuring the animal.

Jamie also from Gainsborough filmed Marc rescuing the deer yesterday and uploaded it later that night to Facebook where it has since gone viral.

Marc was captured jumping in and saving the baby deer

He said: “Madness just driving past the canal in Saxilby, and saw some ears in the water.

“We got out and saw it was a baby dear struggling to keep its head up. It was seconds away from drowning must have been in there for hours. Marc jumped straight in and saved it.”

The clip has been seen by over 600,000 people with nearly 3,000 people commenting on it and nearly 10,000 likes.

The clip begins with Jamie encouraging Marc as he swims to save the baby deer after jumping into the freezing canal in his socks and boxers.

The painter stayed in his underwear until the deer was taken to safety

Marc manages to put his arm around the deer and pull it to safety. The deer can be seen struggling to keep its head up out of the water as it kicks its feet.

However, Jamie was forced to stop filming as he had to help pull the deer out of the water and onto the embankment before helping Marc out.

It then cuts to Marc picking up the deer which can be seen shivering trying to warm it up and keep it alive.

Marc remained in his underwear for nearly 40 minutes as he stayed with the deer to ensure it survived whilst they called emergency services for help.

The workmen put the deer in their van and took him to a friends house who was nearby as they didn’t know their exact location to provide to the deer handlers.

Marc said saving the deer made him feel “really proud”

An hour after the deer was rescued and taken to safety, the men received a call telling them they “saved the deer’s life.”

Many users commented on the post and praising Marc for his bravery.

Sarah Steel wrote: “And that’s what you call a real hero and a real man.”

Laura Taylor added: “Amazing! Hope your kindness back to you tenfold.”

Karen Malpass said: “You’ve done something so beautiful, this will stay with you forever. Wish more people were more like you.”

Mick Barnett added: “Puts his own life at risk to save another that’s a hero in my book total respect and well done pal.”

Speaking today, Marc explained how he saved the animal after him and Jamie spotted the struggling deer on their way back from work.

He said: “It was just struggling to swim and keep its head up. I didn’t really think about it I just jumped in. The water was freezing.

“It was good to save a deer it makes me feel really proud. We actually thought it was going to die as it was shaking and couldn’t get up onto its feet.

“It was just exhausted. It was just shivering all the time. We couldn’t leave it for a second as we were worried it would wake up and run onto the road after I carried it up the side of the bank.”

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