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Motoring Offences You May Not Be Aware Of


We are all aware of the most common driving offences such as drunk driving, speeding, driving without insurance etc. But there are over 80 different driving offences that you can be prosecuted for according to the DVLA and that excludes parking fines and the like which are the domain of a local authority. Here are a few good examples of ones that you may not have been aware of.

Snow On Your Cars Roof £60 Fine & 3 Penalty Points

It’s one that I was not aware of until a year or two back when I heard of someone living round the corner from where we live being stopped for this. We all would clear the snow from our windows and even the lights, that makes common sense of course. But if you leave the snow on the roof of your car you are likely to be stopped & fined by the police as it constitutes a safety hazard, in the event of sudden breaking the snow could slide and obscure your vision.

Dirty Or Obscured Number Plate Up To £1000 Fine

It is an offence under the Road Vehicles Regulations 2001 to have a dirty, snowy or otherwise obscured number plate in any way. This legislation actually also extends to other reasons that could restrict the number plate being read as well, so if you have the small lights not working then at night you are committing the same offence by driving. If you have personalised plates then be sure they are of an allowed font, design and size that falls within the law also make sure the lettering and background are of the correct colours.

Improper Red Diesel Usage – £500 Fine & Retrospective Fuel Duty

Red Diesel is version of the fuel that is exempt from the usual taxes and is deliberately stained with a red tint to distinguish it from regular diesel fuel sold to the public. Red Diesel is only allowed for use by certain vehicles and in certain industries such as agriculture and is not for use on a public highway. If you are caught using in it in a private car your fuel tank will be stained and you could be liable for a fine and back payment of fuel duty for the whole time you have owned the vehicle. If you are legitimately purchasing Red Diesel be sure to use a reputable Red Diesel supplier.

Splashing Pedestrians Fine Of Up To £5000

Under the Road Traffic Act 1988 you could be pulled up for something as seemingly minor as splashing a pedestrian then you may be inline for a very costly fine. Most offenders will be offered a £100 fixed rate penalty but if taken to court could raise the fine up to £5,000 at most, this is usually only reserved for serial or very serious offenders though.

Driving With An Unsecured Sat-Nav Fine Up To £1000

Many cars come with a built in SatNav but this is not the case with every vehicle and if you don’t want to splash out on a costly specialist unit with all the map upgrade costs etc. then it makes sense to use the built in Sat Nav on your smartphone. Just tuck in a crevice wherever in your car and off you go, right? Well not quite, it can come as quite a shock to some drivers when pulled over for using one if not in a specific holder. In general be safe and use a sat nav or phone with most consideration for safety to you and other road users.

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