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Problems Modern Students Face that Never Bothered Previous Generations


While scrolling through the news feed on my Facebook account, I saw a post of a known CEO talking about millennial people that concerns specifically teenagers.

This person covered certain unwanted circumstances that happen because of teenagers nowadays. He mentioned the peculiarities of how they act, talk, decide, their point of views and etc.

Upon the comment section, people asked “What is wrong with us?” “Where are you coming from?” and “Hello, mister! It’s already 2019. Don’t blame us for what’s happening!” and these are mostly from students where he’s working.

In these modern times, there are many things to consider which is now a big deal compared to before. Some years ago, people didn’t have social media sites, but read newspapers, didn’t have many types of high-quality cell phones, but used a phone for calling only.

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Before, people would just go with the flow but now, millennials value their freedom of speech. However, some of them are using their freedom of speech in a different manner that may result in a different outcome. In this article, we will talk about the problems that modern students face.

  • Being outspoken

In schools, most of the teachers are happy if their students are cooperative and active in sharing their thoughts. Millennial students are practicing their freedom of speech because every person has their rights to speak up. Hence, they may practice it within the classroom, organizations and such. Technically, being outspoken isn’t really a problem.

However, it may cause some problems if you’re being too naive about what you are saying and when you don’t care about the other side of the story because what matters is your opinion.

Also, if you don’t use your words appropriately especially in front of your teachers or administrators. Admit it or not, words are powerful. Often, your morals and values are judged by others based on your words only. That’s why we must be cautious about how we talk.

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  • Too much technology

Generally speaking, technology helps us a lot. As a student, it may help us in our research, writing a custom college paper, essays and communicating with other people. I remember my parents telling that all of their research papers’ references were from books that that had to go through. They had to stay in the library just to find resources and this process could take days.

Today, you can do your assignments/projects with the help of the internet. The problem arising is we are being too dependent on it. Yes, the internet is helpful but it makes us lazy sometimes.

There is a tendency that we may copy and paste a project, print and go pass it to a teacher. Even without reading and understanding the material.

Moreover, messaging through text, calling, Facebook messaging, and emailing cut out human interactions. We are lacking intimacy.

Psychologically speaking, intimacy is important because you can feel the person physically. Words aren’t enough for communication. Physical touch is one of the love languages which gives us more security because we feel that the person is present in front of you.

  • Effects on mental health

Before, students were resilient towards the challenges and struggles throughout their academic journey. Maybe it’s because they had good sets of support system, they were more assertive and resilient.

Nowadays, students are lacking confidence. They are being easily stressed out. One factor for that could be the changing social environment. There are many families who can’t provide for their children due to financial problems. So, they will push their children to work rather than to study for them to sustain their daily expenses including their necessities, of course.

With such a young age, others can’t experience their childhood because of their responsibilities. That’s why some people are easily being dismayed about what’s happening in their lives, others are being too harsh on themselves and they will let their future be destroyed because, for them, they can’t live a fruitful life.

Modern students have both advantages and disadvantages of the time they live it. However, knowing all the common hardships and knowing how to deal with them can help a great deal.

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