Aldi apologise and investigate mum’s complaint that pizza sauce bottle exploded all over her kitchen


ALDI have apologised and launched an investigation after a bottle of pizza sauce exploded all over a mum’s kitchen.

The 89p sauce caused havoc in the kitchen and took an hour to clear up

The bottle was inside a cupboard but the force of the blast left tomato sauce all over the ceiling of Hannah Chiles’ kitchen.

Hannah, 30, from Cirencester, Gloucestershire, spent an hour with husband, Rich, 33, tidying up the mess, which has permanently stained the ceiling.

It is believed the 89p bottle, purchased from Aldi in Chippenham, Wiltshire, had been damaged, allowing the contents to ferment.

She took to Facebook to complain to Aldi, writing: “I think your pizza sauce should come with an explosive warning!

“I bought a bottle of pizza base sauce a couple of weeks ago. It’s sat in my cupboard ever since. Today I got home to find this!

Hannah revealed that ALDI offered her a £5 compensation voucher

“The bottle of pizza sauce had pressurised and exploded everywhere. It must have happened with such force it has come out the top of the cupboard door and hit the ceiling!”

Images posted by Hannah show the inside of the cupboard sprayed in tomato sauce covering other products such as bread and ketchup.

An area of the ceiling was left with large sauce stains directly above the cupboard and an image of the exploded bottle shows the mess left on the kitchen worktop and even the microwave.

Social media users reacted to Hannah’s post.

Clare Farthing wrote: “OMG, what a nightmare and a dreadful mess to clean up!”

Jenny Pitts said: “I would ask for them to pay to have your ceiling painted.”

Beth Benson commented: “It does happen if there is a pinhole in the packaging causing the tomatoes to ferment.”

Another commenter claimed they were also a victim of a sauce explosion, which happens to be the same batch as Hannah’s.

Richard Smith said: “Happened to us today! Blooming everywhere. Looks like a wide spread of the same batch. I wonder if there will be several more.”

One social media suggested Hannah requested the supermarket to pay for the ceiling to be painted

Hannah revealed that Aldi have offered her a £5 voucher as compensation because she no longer had the receipt to claim a refund from the Chippenham branch where it was bought.

Speaking today, Hannah said: “It happened when I was out and when I got home my daughter went in the kitchen first and asked what was all over it which is when I found the true extent of what happened.

“My husband helped finish cleaning it up when he got home from work as I have a newborn that needed feeding when we initially found the explosion.

“It took a good hour to clean and I had to throw most of the contents of the cupboard away and it’s left a stain on my ceiling too. Aldi did inform me that it’s common and can happen with any sauces as the gas builds up.”

An Aldi spokeswoman said today: “We have apologised to Ms Chiles and are investigating this with our supplier.”

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