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The Perks Of Having Health Insurance


Followers of Jimmy Kimmel Live would know that his newborn son, who goes by the name William John Kimmel, was born with a severe heart condition and needed to be operated. Jimmy Kimmel did not shy away from discussing his son’s condition in the public eye and stressed on the importance of having health insurance to be able to brave such situations. A person could be as famous as Jimmy Kimmel and still fall short on money that is necessary to treat certain diseases. Diseases see no age, and neither do they wait for an invitation. They could strike at the worst of times and unleash hell, which is why it is crucial that you stay prepared to be able to brave any situation.

Millions of people all across the globe die each day from heart diseases. Some die because they stay unaware of their heart condition for half of their lives, and when they do come to terms with it, it might already be too late. Some die due to their negligence and ignorance, and the rest because they are unable to afford the cost of treatment. Health insurance, in this case, is the only cushion for you to thus, fall back on. Seeing a loved one die because you are unable to bear the cost of the treatment, is not just heartbreaking, but also traumatising. It leaves a lasting impact on the ones left behind, and recovery from the trauma can be quite a daunting task. Therefore, without much ado, you must check health insurance plans for family and keep their lives protected at all costs.

What Does Your Health Insurance Plan Cover?

Health insurance plans generally cover most of the diseases that one is prone to be affected with, in the course of their life. These may be as general as a simple surgery or as complex a treatment required for cancer. Health insurances come with different plans that have different premiums. Each type of plan shall have a set of health benefits. Therefore, you must analyse your requirements and then choose a plan. Health insurance plans, as discussed earlier, requires you to pay its premium at regular intervals. Though you might be tempted to choose a plan that does not have a heavy premium, yet it is always advisable to buy a plan that requires you to fill a better amount. Better plans come with better benefits.

Your health insurance might also cover your routine and specific health tests like the total blood count, mammography, angiography, physical examinations, colonoscopy and others. Therefore, besides covering the cost of treatment, your health insurance will also cover the cost of your routine tests. People often tend to ignore their health conditions worrying over the amount of money that the primary tests would cost. The perks of having a health insurance can then be realised. Severe diseases can often be dealt with in the initial stages if they are diagnosed on time. This should be enough reason to think about getting a health insurance done today.

What Does Your Health Insurance Plan Not Cover?

There is a little bit of a grey area when it comes to health insurances. The benefits and perks that come along with health insurance differ with the type of plan. Therefore, there cannot be a complete picture that can be brought to light while discussing what a health insurance does not cover. However, to be specific enough, it is known for a fact that health insurance plans generally do not include the following-

Treatment For Mental Health Disorder-

At a day and age when more than half of the planet’s human population is falling prey to mental ailments, health insurance plans fall short on providing the cost of treatment for these disorders. Acute clinical depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders and a host of others, have been known to claim lives all across the globe. However, one major loophole that health insurance comes with is the fact that they do not cater to mental health.

Fertility Treatments-

Not everybody wants to be parents, and that is a matter of choice. However, the ones that do want to have children are often, not blessed with the right body and hormonal capabilities. In such cases, fertility treatments come as a welcome relief. Medical technology has revolutionised, and now we have a plethora of fertility treatments that have been known to bless infertile parents with children. However, health insurance plans do not take this into account and thus, do not provide any coverage for the treatment. The cost of fertility treatments is , and this is probably one of the many reasons for health insurance plans to not cover the area.

Cosmetic Treatments-

Many people consider cosmetic treatments as a matter of luxury. One can do without undergoing a nose job, but one cannot risk the health of their hearts. Therefore, health insurance plans cater to more severe diseases. Cosmetic treatments are thus, not covered by health insurance plans.

Health insurance plans are being updated every day and benefits are being added, keeping in mind the environmental factors and change of lifestyle. The cost of a life is way too much, which is why it is imperative that you get a health insurance done for you and your family, and stay covered to fight any adverse health situation.

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