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How to learn to play the piano: Online or the traditional way?


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You will hear hundreds of people say that musical talent is inborn. Several children pick up musical instruments before they can form coherent sentences. It is true for some instances, especially when they grow up in a musically-aware family. However, most people are not born with perfect pitch and a knack for playing every musical instrument they come across. There might be a protégé in Plainview NY, who is playing the piano in concert since he or she was four years old. However, that does not mean that you will not be able to master the instrument when you are 40.

Learning to play the piano: Anyone can do it!

That is the beauty of learning music. There is no age bar when it comes to learning or playing any musical instrument, especially the piano. We can understand how busy your life in Plainview, NY, can be, and why you may be considering online courses to learn the piano. It is true that you will be able to find several pro-guides on YouTube and other private channels on music-based websites that promise to teach a potential student how to play the musical instrument. You might even find an ex-student of Julliard offering expert tips and tricks for their online audience, but that begs the question if it is enough to master an instrument.

What method of learning should you pick?

Online: One of the most significant caveats of learning to play the piano online, without a two-way communication channel, is the lack of feedback. You might try to emulate the instructor closely, but initially, you will make a few mistakes. Without the in-person supervision of an expert in your Plainview home, you are likely to repeat the mistakes again and again till they become a part of your playing habit.

In-person: Choosing a private instructor in Plainview, NY, might be significantly costlier than opting for an online class, but they will pay one-on-one attention to your playing style. If you are making mistakes, they are likely to point it out to you in real-time. Piano teachers in a private setting or class will always make sure that you perform your fingering exercises correctly so that you don’t pick up the “bad habits” of playing the piano.

Online: It is true that in online lessons, you can pause and play particularly tricky parts of the piece repeatedly. You may even be able to mimic their hand actions as closely as possible. No matter how long you take to master one piece, it will still be cost-effective for the student. However, if you don’t have the perfect pitch or at least the basic understanding of notes, you will find it tricky to match your playing style with that of your instructors.

In-person: In traditional music lessons, watching the teacher play is quite a rare feat. Students don’t get the chance to absorb a teacher’s playing style and mimic their movements, but they do get the undivided attention that is almost impossible in the case of online piano lessons. In the case of traditional private lessons, students can see the sitting posture, fingering technique, and the entire demeanor of their piano instructors. It is true for all piano classes across Plainview, NY. It gives them a more excellent opportunity to pick up the best practices of piano playing within a short time.

How can you find the best piano teacher in your locality?

All piano classes in Plainview, NY, offer different sessions for children, young adults, adults, and seniors. There are quite a few music schools, which only teach children and tweens. Finding one for yourself or your child is quite easy. Search on Google for “piano teachers near me in Plainview, NY.” It will unfurl a list of the registered and highest rated piano teachers, who offer private lessons as well as teach in music schools.

Whether you will choose a private lesson or go to a music school, depends entirely on you and your music aptitude. Some people learn better when competing and collaborating with others. It is true, especially in the cases of children. However, adults who have never played the piano before, perform better with private classes for the first couple of months. Money is, of course, a factor that determines the nature of your lesson.

Which is better: online vs. in-person

Today, it is possible to contact your music instructor over Skype or Facetime for personal practice sessions. Many piano teachers in NY now conduct online practice sessions with their students once or twice a week apart from their once-a-week class. Finding someone who offers both online and in-person piano classes can help you master the new instrument faster as compared to your peers. Most importantly, you can keep watching and hearing the work of master musicians on YouTube and Spotify to inspire you during your spare time.

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