“Sad sick individuals” shocking photos show calves shot with crossbow



DISTURBING images show how a young calf died and another severely injured after being hit by a crossbow.

The shocking photos show two young calves impaled by the arrows, with one getting punctured in it’s lung.

After initially walking about with the arrow stuck in it’s body, the calf sadly later died.

The calves were found by Megan Stephens from Princethorpe, Warwickshire on Sunday.

The calf was shot twice with one arrow penetrating the lung. Image: Megan Stephens

Megan shared the images publicly on Facebook yesterday saying: “This morning we found this whilst checking the cattle.

“Two young calves shot with a crossbow. One shot in the hind leg and one shot twice in the shoulder.

“It is beyond me how on earth any human being can do something like this, leave the calves in such pain and causing so much heartache for the mothers and for us.

“Luckily for the oldest calf the arrow hasn’t gone in too far so hopefully should recover with the injections for 10 days, but as for the youngest one, it died as a consequence of these a*******, the one arrow punctured its lung and killed it.”

The horrific photos show the calves with large arrows sticking into their flesh.

Another was shot in the hind leg. Image: Megan Stephens

One photo shows a calf with two large arrows embedded into its shoulder. The arrows came from in front and behind the calf. The mother cow can be seen looking extremely distressed.

Unfortunately, the calf never survived the ordeal and can be seen lying motionless with blood stained on its body.

Another photo shows a second calf with an arrow stuck into the hind leg of the farm animal.

The photos and posts have disgusted many people with over 4,500 comments attached to the post, with most people demanding justice for the calves.

Bryan Penny said: “Absolutely disgusting to do this to an animal hope they get caught.”

Iain Cahill added: “Sad sick individuals. I wonder what makes people tick sometimes.”

Megan posted the images on her Facebook account. Image: Megan Stephens

Mark Mitchell wrote: “What is happening in the world who can be so f****** evil and twisted to do such horrid acts.”

Denise Johnson-Rogers said: “I’m speechless with horror. As a reenactment archer I know how responsible we are with training and safety.

“This is thoughtless thugs with too much money and time on their hands. It’s better I don’t say what I’d like to do to them.”

Kirsty Jones added: “How are idiots able to get hold of these lethal weapons?”

Michelle Abram said: “Hope they get caught give me a crossbow I’ll quite happy do the same these people really do have a problem suck is not strong enough words for them.”

The RSPCA have stated they are horrified by the incident.

A spokeswoman from the RSPCA has said: “We are horrified to hear that two calves have been shot with a crossbow in Rugby.

The calf shot in lung sadly died of its injuries. Image: Megan Stephens

“This incident hasn’t been reported to us however we would always urge people to report incidents of animal cruelty to us on 0300 1234 999.”

Police have confirmed they are investigating the incident.

A spokeswoman from Warwickshire Police said: “Police have launched an appeal after receiving a report that two calves had been shot with a suspected crossbow in Princethorpe at the weekend.

“The animals were discovered off Burnthurst Lane yesterday morning (Sunday 23 June).

A one-month-old calf was put to sleep at the scene. A four-month-old calf was also shot in its hindquarters but is expected to survive.

“The incident is believed to have occurred sometime between 7pm on Saturday (22 June) and 10am yesterday.

“Carol Cotterill, Rural Crime Officer, Warwickshire Police, said: “This was a despicable attack. We are particularly interested in hearing from anyone who was in the area over the weekend and saw anything suspicious.”

“Anyone with information should contact Warwickshire Police on 101 quoting incident 128 of 23 June 2019. Alternatively information can be provided anonymously to the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”

This comes after two geese were shot by yobs earlier this year in Epping, Essex.

One goose was shot in the head and sadly died from its injuries. Whilst the other goose took weeks to recover.

They were believed to have shot with crossbow bolts.

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