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Getting Subscribers on YouTube Channel in 2019


When it comes to establishing a particular YouTube channel, it never gets easy. It requires a lot of devotion and persistence. It is not one of those startups that people leave to be determined by other factors. The work one puts into the channel determines how successful they will be.

One has to come up with different strategies to remain at the top of a rapidly growing industry. The following list should be resourceful in getting subscribers for a YouTube channel.

  1. Be inventive on how to get subscribers

Building a YouTube channel is more than just coming up with content and hoping to attract as many subscribers as possible. No, there have to be different strategies involved. If possible, buy YouTube subscribers to get the channel up and running. It helps build a network that one can be proud of.

  1. Building a relationship with the audience

When getting subscribers, building a relationship with the audience plays a significant role. Getting them to associate with the content goes a long way in determining their interest and for how long they’ll stick around. Remember, there are thousands of YouTube channels out there, and all strive to get as many subscribers as possible. A relationship with the audience builds trust, and as a result, the channel receives some loyal subscribers.

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

  1. Consistency with the upload schedule

Being consistent may come in different shapes, but none is more important than uniformity of schedule. When running a channel, it’s paramount for one to keep posting so that people can keep coming back for more content. Also, a channel has to be consistent with the topic chosen. Changing ideas regularly can lead to a lack of interest from the target audience.

  1. Come up with a compelling channel description

On YouTube, there is an about section, and it’s the first thing that people check on any YouTube channel. A channel description needs to be clear and concise. Keep in mind when people visit a particular channel, they want to know what’s in it for them. In the description, it’s better to focus on what the audience stands to gain so avoid self-indulgent biographies.

  1. Try using calls to actions

A call to action is getting the audience to do something in other words. However, one has to be subtle about how they approach this one. For instance, make graphics appear on screen but don’t go on to reference it. People should not feel like they are forced to do anything. It should be out of their interest.

  1. Engage the audience as much as possible

One common mistake I’ve seen with most video creators is that they always tend to ask questions towards the end of the video. At that time, it’s possible the audience will have reduced by a significant portion. The best strategy is usually to engage the audience by asking some questions at the beginning, middle, and towards the end. Also, it doesn’t have to be all questions. One can incorporate some activities for the audience to try out just so that they can associate with the content.

It’s time to take that YouTube channel to the next step. In as much as it can be a daunting task, the above strategies should help get a good number of subscribers. Most importantly, never settle for less. Be ambitious and build that channel even if it means starting from zero.

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