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Travelling In A Campervan: 3 Things To Consider


A campervan offers the ultimate freedom to go where you want when you want. You can hit the open road, explore exciting new places, and enjoy the amazing flexibility and comfort of living in a mobile home. To help you plan the perfect adventure, here are three key things to consider when travelling in a campervan. 

1. Rent or buy

The first step is to decide whether you want to rent or buy a campervan for your trip. This will largely depend on the length of time you are planning on travelling in a campervan for. If you are only planning to travel for a week or two, then it makes financial sense to rent a campervan.

Image: Pixabay/peagreenbean

However, if you want to do a longer trip or plan on travelling in a campervan frequently, then it may be worth considering buying a campervan as daily rental fees can be pretty expensive. Campervans are extremely popular, so many people find it quick and easy to sell on the vehicle later on, sometimes even for a profit. If you don’t have the funds to buy a campervan straight away, then it is possible to take out a campervan loan from Auto Finance Online, which means you could be driving away in your dream campervan within as little as a few hours! 

2. What to pack 

Most rental campervans provide everything you need to live comfortably while travelling in a campervan. This usually includes – bedding, towels, and cooking equipment. It is always worth contacting the provider beforehand to check what facilities and amenities are included in your rental cost, so you know whether to bring anything additional with you.

It is worth keeping in mind that campervans are a lot smaller than the average home or hotel room, so try to limit your packing to essentials only. This will help maximise the space available and make your travel experience more comfortable. You should also pack your belongings in a soft bag or backpack, rather than a suitcase that will be difficult to store. Remember to pack travel essentials like an adaptor, torch, navigation system, and your international driver’s license if you’re planning on driving abroad. Click here for a useful guide on what to pack when travelling in a campervan.

3. Where to stay 

Campervans undoubtedly offer a lot more freedom than other travel options. However, it is worth keeping in mind that it’s generally no longer possible to just park up and stay wherever you want. Many countries now have strict rules in place that require campervans to park in campsites or other designated areas overnight.

There are large fines in place for people who break this rule, so always check what rules apply in the area you are travelling in. Make sure you factor campsite fees into your budget so you get a realistic idea of what you will be spending while travelling in a campervan.

While you want some flexibility to change your plans along the way, having a rough route in mind will help make your trip stress-free by knowing where you’ll be parking and staying during each leg of your trip.

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