Video shows brazen thief using pram to steal £60 of chocolate


CCTV footage has captured the shocking moment a shoplifter can be seen using a pram to steal £60 worth of sweets.

The woman used the buggy as a vessel to store the chocolate in a cunning disguise.

She can be seen looking around her, checking to see if anyone is watching.

However, she was caught in the act by in-store security cameras which clearly show what she was up to.

The incident took place on Sunday at around 10pm at the Euro Supermarket on Foleshill Road in Coventry, West Midlands.

The woman can be seen grabbing a number of chocolate bars. Image: Euro Supermarket

The local store posted the video on their Facebook account the following day saying: “Please share it guys. This woman used a fake pushchair to do shoplifting. She stole some chocolate bars [and put them] into her pushchair, but there is no baby in the pushchair. She only made it for shoplifting.

“She has now been reported to the police, and police have got her on CCTV. I will leave her picture in the first comment please have a look. She is in Foleshill Road area, so if anyone has got a shop please watch out for her. Please don’t forget to share it.”

The CCTV footage shows a woman with a pink pram standing in one of the aisles with a basket full of goods.

She glances left and right and picks up multiple bars of chocolate and places them in her pram.

The woman continues to look around the aisle before making her next move.

One again she appears to grab a large amount of chocolate before the video freezes, after it unfreezes she can be seen bent over by her pram without any chocolate bars in her hand.

The woman then picks up another load of chocolate bars, but puts them into her basket.

She walks around the front of her pram with her purple chocolate bars clearly visible in her basket.

She once again bends down in front of the pram, and as she wheels the pram away the chocolate bars are missing from her basket.

The video has angered some people in the comments.

The woman appears to have emptied her stolen chocolate bars into her pram. Image: Euro Supermarket

Jolanta Bednarek said: “Hope you have reported her to the police, f****** brat.”

Marion Sykes added: “Absolutely no excuse, hope she’s caught and dealt with.”

However, some feel she may have stolen the goods because she is struggling to get by.

Lory Sorin said: “Probably didn’t have money to buy everything possible.”

Kate Jones added: “If she is hungry maybe give her some food so she don’t need to steal.”

The shop manager today said the woman is known to steal around the local area.

He said: “I think the lady is local, she has been known to wear uniforms and steal from other shops. She stole about £60 worth of sweets.”

This comes after two women used their children to steal goods from a local store in Coventry last month.

The women distracted the store worker whilst the kids can be seen putting shop goods into one of the women’s handbags.

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