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5 Actionable Tips to Help Save the Environment



Everyone understands that there must be immediate action to save the environment. You are all aware of how bad the environment has become. But is there really a way to save the environment? Is constant change possible to save our natural resources? Or should you only rely on the environmental plans of the government?

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There are a lot of ways to change our environmental problems for the better.

Yes, you can! It’s how you make it! There are a lot of ways to change our environmental problems for the better. With the billions of people living here on earth, we can achieve a greener and cleaner environment! 

The way of living is one thing that affects the environment. However, it is through adjustment and the willingness of everyone to be involved which is the key to achieving this. If you’re ready to start the change, then here are the top 5 actionable tips to help save the environment:

  1. Water Conservation

Everyone might think that this is not a big problem since we have a lot of water resources.

Water conservation comes first on our list. Everyone might think that this is not a big problem since we have a lot of water resources. However, you need to think in advance of how the world will change in the coming years if you can’t conserve water today. 

It will never be too much to ask if you’ll only use the right amount of water when brushing your teeth or when you wash the dishes. If you use showers when you take a bath, it will be vital to turn them off too if you’re still trying to shampoo your hair or soap your body. 

Also, if you have leaky faucets, you have to call a plumber for help to fix them right away. This way, you are not only conserving water but will also save you from paying costly water bills.

2. Use LED Lights

If you are still using traditional lights for your home, school, office, or anywhere, then it is now time to finally switch to LED lights. They are eco-friendly and come with more benefits compared to traditional lights.

They are energy efficient LED lights that can save you from paying costly electric bills. They also protect the environment from the toxic radiation the power plants give off. Remember that this radiation causes the thinness of the ozone layer and air pollution.

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LED lights picture via unsplash

3. Avoid Using Powered Gasoline Engines

In a modern world where many of us powered gasoline engines, it’s best to go back to the way of transportation we have before. Do you have to buy something at the convenient store? Walk. Do you need to go to work that’s just a kilometer away? Ride a bike. 

Yes! Your way of transportation will help us save the environment. The use of cars, motorcycles, and many more that uses gasoline are truly harmful to our environment. 

Photo by Daan Stevens on Unsplash
Photo of a gas station by Daan Stevens on UnsplashColl

The emission of gas is the number one cause of air pollution. To reduce air pollution, you’ll have to use alternative transportation which is not only safe for the environment but also for your budget. If you don’t use cars, then you don’t have any gas expenses. You don’t also have to worry about car maintenance and repairs!

4. Implement the 3Rs

Are you familiar with the 3Rs? It’s short for reuse, reduce, and recycle! Yes, it is one of the most implemented environmental goals of the government but still not fully followed. This can only be effective if everyone learns to take part in reducing waste disposal, reusing a bottle, recycling plastic bags, and more.

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It’s short for reuse, reduce, and recycle! Picture from Unsplash

Plastics have a big impact on the environment when burned. Additionally, they will not decompose right away when they undergo waste decomposition. Today’s world uses plastic in all ways needed. If you buy something, they are placed in a plastic bag, container, bottle, and more. And since plastics are already rampant to the world, you can still stop their growing numbers if everyone will agree to reuse these plastic instead of disposing them and getting new ones.

5. Tree Planting

Are you familiar with the saying, “He that plants trees loves others beside himself?” Yes! That is one of the tree planting famous lines from Thomas Fuller. So, why do we have to plant trees in order to save the environment? 

The big problem that we have for air pollution can be single-handedly cured by planting more trees. They give off oxygen for us to breathe, while they take in the carbon dioxide produced around us. 

Additionally, they shelter us from the scorching heat of the sun as well as shield us from the environmental changes we are facing today. Furthermore, it will not cost us any cents in planting trees, thus giving us more reasons to fight more environmental issues.


It is not too late to save the environment from getting worse than ever before! By following the actionable tips presented above, we can change our ways for the betterment of this world! Make your actions count! Start now saving the environment now!

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