Amazon delivery man leaves hilarious apology note after forcing packing through window


AN Amazon delivery man left a hilarious apology note after pushing open a window to throw in a package – and breaking a customer’s ornament.

Leanne Wall returned home to find her glass skull – A Christmas present – knocked off the shelf above the sink and an Amazon parcel nearby.

The delivery man had lifted the latch on her window to push the package through without paying attention to what was in the way.

Leanne, 27, from Hereford, also discovered an Amazon slip on which the hapless worker had scrawled an apology.

Delivery note from Amazon driverThe delivery note left by the Amazon driver

The note read: “PLS Sorry. Many Thanks!!!. I’m sorry because I tro [sic] in on the window.”

Leanne took to the Amazon’s social media page to complain about the botched delivery yesterday evening (Sun).

She wrote: “Come home from holiday to find my kitchen window forced wide open. My glass candy skull smashed and my hearts off the window handle in the sink.

“I’m so upset all for a f*****g parcel with a note in my sink with sorry written on it admitting to opening the window.

“Now I wouldn’t have given that much of a f*** had it been rammed through the door but my candy skull was a present from my mum that wasn’t cheap.”

She added: “I’m always careful with it because it’s so fragile. I’ve managed to move house twice and it’s not got damaged until now. I come home to see that they have made my property insecure and vulnerable.

Facebook post showing the damage caused by the Amazon driverLeanne took to Facebook to complain about the driver

“It’s not the first time an Amazon delivery driver has done this and previously launched parcels over my garden fence. An official complaint will be going in tomorrow utterly disgusted.”

Jordan Reeves commented on Leanne’s post saying: “Wtf that’s bang out. They should refund the skull for breaking it they are not cheap.”

Adelle Bryce added: “This is so disrespectful and unprofessional. I really hope you get the outcome you want and need and hopefully they will pay for any repairs. I’ll be sure to be home in future for parcels.”

Speaking today Leanne said: “It’s not the cost, it’s the principle. It wasn’t hundreds of pounds it’s the fact it’s my property and a complete stranger has forced entry and caused the damage.

Skull ornament broken by the Amazon driver

The crystal skull was smashed during the incident

“I’m absolutely devastated.”

Leanne also claims the delivery bid left her home insecure while she was on holiday.

Thankfully, the property is a former MOD married quarter in an estate which is still patrolled by the military.

In April this year a burly Amazon driver was caught on cctv destroying a letterbox with an oversized parcel because he couldn’t be bothered to ring the bell.

Shariff Rahim- Bux said the delivery driver denied causing the damage and drove off from his home Cranford, Hounslow, London.

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