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The Unique Transport Solution: Hybrid Bikes


We recommend hybrid bikes to our customers who are into cycling for recreation. They are ideal mainly because of their versatility, hybrid bikes are available with different brake types, tire sizes and frame sizes, that can satisfy the need of the different type of cyclists. 

Appealing features of hybrid bikes

As the name suggests, a hybrid bike refers to a combination of several features of different bikes. It offers high speed with the tires of a mountain bike, and comfort with the frame of a road bike. It can also be combined with the tires of a commuter bike and seat of a cruiser bike. So, by hybrid bikes, we can define those bikes that cannot be categorized in any type because they use features of several kinds of bikes.

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How to choose a hybrid bike

While choosing a hybrid bike, there are several facts you need to consider. The first thing you need to do is recognize your requirements so that you can get a bike suitable for your lifestyle. For example, a person who wants both speed and comfort in a bike indeed needs a hybrid bike. When you are out for a long trip, you will need to ride faster so you can reach there in time. However, if the seat is not comfortable and you ride it for a long period, then your body can get sore. So, make a list of your requirements first and then decide on a bike you need to buy. These are the main factors you need to consider while choosing a bike –

  • The requirement of the bike: The reason you are buying the bike is the main concern regarding what type of bike you need. Bikes for daily commuting and exercising are different.
  • Average distance: Every bike has its own capacity to sustain a distance. You need to measure the average distance to be covered daily.
  • Desire to ride: One more thing that will decide which bike you need is your desire to use it. It can either be for daily use or frequent use.

A guide to design a hybrid bike

One of the biggest advantages of using hybrid bikes is that they can be customized and designed as per the requirement of the rider. When you design a bike, these are the facts you need to keep in mind –

  • The speed: It depends on whether it is being designed for speed.
  • The terrain: You can use it on road or off-road. It is easy to ride on the streets in a town but cycling in the mud or mountain is difficult. So, you need to design it in a way so it can be useful on the terrain you use most.
  • The comfort: For some people, comfort is a factor that they cannot compromise. At the time of designing, this point must be kept in mind too.

You need to know that a hybrid bike does not have any feature of its own. It is the fact that features of different bikes are mixed is what makes it a hybrid bike. If a bike has thin tires and a large seat, then it means that it is a hybrid of a road bike and a cruiser bike. However, using thick tires of industrial tread size makes it a hybrid with the features of a mountain bike. So, when you want to design a bike, you only have to choose two or three bikes that you want to combine into one with their best features.

How would you know if you need a hybrid bike?

It is not necessary that a hybrid bike is always the best option you can have. If you want multiple features, then these bikes are perfect for you. However, if you have a specific requirement and your use of the bike is very limited, then it is not necessary to buy it. 

Choose as you use

Buy a hybrid bike suited to your use. For example,

  • For riding on difficult terrain, you need a bike with a wider tire.
  • For comfort, you will need both a wider tire and seat.
  • For both speed and comfort, you need a thin tire and an aluminum frame.

Considering your requirements and the utilization of hybrid bikes will help you buy a perfect bike.

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