Cloud Atlas: sunbather snaps “Cumulus Brexitus” in skies above London


A SUNBATHER snapped a remarkable picture of a cloud shaped like Great Britain and Ireland floating in a beautiful blue sky above London.

The picture – dubbed “Cumulus Brexitus” by one online viewer – bears an amazingly close resemblance to the islands.

The Devon and Cornwall peninsula can be made out, along with the bulge of Norfolk and the Firth of Forth. However, some less-impressed viewers have pointed out that Wales, and a good portion of northern Scotland appear to be missing.

Clouds shaped like Britain

Image: Zoë May Reeve, Facebook

Zoë May Reeve, 41, spotted the clouds on Wednesday above Hampstead Heath while taking a break from a gardening class she teaches to adults with additional needs.

She said: “It was nice – we were all just chilling out having a drink and looking up at the clouds when I saw it and thought, ‘Crikey that looks like England!’

“It was just perfect, so I got my phone out to take a photo and then a couple of seconds later Ireland had merged into Wales and it was gone.”

Zoë took to Facebook to share the photo, which she dubbed: “British clouds”

Facebook comment

Image: Facebook

But fellow Facebook user Ni Mai came up with: “Cumulus Brexitus”.

Zoë has been stunned by the social media reaction, she said, “In the first twenty minutes it got up a thousand likes, I was just giggling with my friend about it. I think it’s because it’s so topical, what with Brexit and Scottish independence, but it was really quite sweet and innocent.”

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