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7 Expert Tips to Efficiently Boost Your House Value


Buying a house is one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make. When you buy a property, you probably hope to be able to sell it for more money someday.  In this article, we share 7 tips that can help you increase the value of your house. This is how you turn your house into the best investment of your life.

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1. A fresh coat of paint works wonders

Freshly painted walls make the rooms look bigger and leave a neat impression. Especially recommended are bright, natural colours or white. Don’t fuss with eye-catching colours or patterned wallpaper, after all, you also want to meet the taste of those interested in buying.

2. Renovate the kitchen

Nowadays, open-plan kitchens are very popular. The more up-to-date the equipment, the more enthusiastic potential buyers are. However, new purchases can be quite costly in this area. Let yourself be advised by the kitchen expert and decide about how advanced renovation you want to make.

3. Make your house smarter

The smarter house involves, for example, remote-controlled thermostat, smoke and co2 detectors, smart doorbell, or adjustable lights, but also security measures, freesat installation, smart locks with burglary prevention. If you have such equipment, you can sell your house much faster and for a higher price.

4. Get rid of everything that you don’t need in your home 

If you eliminate objects that you don’t need, your house will look a lot more spacious. Remove damaged furniture, old gadgets, other decorations, and stacks of newspapers or papers. You can throw all these old things or organize a garage sale to sell them and make a little money! If these objects and furniture are of sentimental value to you, find a place to store them until the move, but don’t keep them in the house! Remember that it’s better to present a partially empty house than a house that is totally messy.

5. Turn your basement into a valuable space

The basement is often a forgotten space in the house. However, by wiping and polishing the basement, you create a pleasant extra space. Turn your basement into a playroom, a ‘men’s room’ with a billiards table or a wellness area with a sauna cabin. With this last solution, you can even kill two birds with one stone: both the extra comfortable surface and the wellness area are investments that significantly increase the value of your house.

6. Parking increases the value of your house

Especially when you live in a neighbourhood with little parking space, private parking is a very profitable investment. Being able to park in front of the door saves a lot of time, and time is money. It is, therefore, a good idea to transform your front garden into a parking space for two cars. 

7. Don’t forget the outside of your house

Many people invest primarily in living spaces but forget that they can also increase the value of a house by tackling the exterior. Facade cleaning or a coat of paint, a well-kept front garden, a new front door, these are all elements that play a role.

What else you can do in order to boost your house value?

Eliminate bad odours

Remember that “You can’t sell what you can smell! Many people don’t detect the bad smells of their home, as their noses gradually get used to these smells. If you think that your house smells good, ask a friend to confirm it. If you have pets living under your roof, you will have to carefully shampoo your carpets and rugs as well as your sofas and armchairs. You will also have to clean all your furniture and all your bedding because the smells of the animals tend to become stuck everywhere and be tenacious. If you smoke at home, you will have to do the same cleaning as if you had animals, but you will also have to wash your walls and ceilings. If smells of smoke persist, you may need to repaint walls and ceilings!

Before the Sea Pines real estate agents come to your home, try to spread a pleasant smell in your home. Ventilate your home thoroughly by opening all windows. Leave them wide open if it’s good outside or close them after about 20 minutes if it’s cold.


Install new blinds and curtains

You do not need to spend a fortune on this, but relatively cheap items as these will only make your home more attractive when potential buyers come to visit your home.


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  1. I’ve focused on getting everything in my house clean and fresh. Putting everything away, new coat of paint, carpets cleaned, scrubbed the tile, cleaned up the plants in the yard etc. It seems to be helping people seem more interested at viewings!

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