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What is the importance of tote bags in the modern day?


Let’s be honest. No matter how many bags we own, there is at least one we are not ready to part ways with irrespective of its age. Maybe it is a 4-year old designer tote or less than a year old hobo bag from a high-end fashion label; it is present in almost every one of your Instagram photos. 

These are bags you have trusted for months or even for years to carry your belongings no matter whether you are headed to your friend’s place or a foreign trip. Even retail stores and the regular grocery stores are trying to popularize canvas and cotton totes as a sustainable alternative to plastic bags. 

However, we are not here to talk about the everyday white or beige totes that people often keep inside their handbags or in their cars in case they have to pick up groceries. We are here to talk about the tote bags that are revolutionizing fashion. A girl can never own too many bags, especially when more than one of them is a tote.

The typical tote bags are unfastened, large, and rectangular in shape. However, to increase security and convenience, the modern totes come with magnetic closure straps or zippers. They also have multiple compartments that can be perfect fits for your phone, charger, battery packs, and earphones. It is the 21st century style statement that makes totes essential for every teen, young adult, and fashion-savvy adult.

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Why should every woman invest in tote bags?

If you are still looking for reasons to invest your hard-earned money in a high-end tote bag, here are five reasons you should –


  • Fits every mood and occasion


Whether you are on your way to shopping or a day out with friends, you can carry your pastel-colored, large tote in full-grain leather. Investing in the finest quality leather tote will ensure that you have one premium accessory for every occasion.

The genuine designer bags are never cheap, so you might not be looking forward to stocking up on two to three tote bags at one go right now. In that case, going with a neutral color like tan, deep brown, beige, or black is always helpful. Get a bag that is both functional and good looking. It will solve every accessory doubts and questions you have in the future before corporate parties, soirées, and Friday night hangouts.



  • Versatile and convenient


You can stuff an endless number of things in your tote. Starting with your MacBook and mobile phones, you can stuff your gym clothes, a bottle of water, extra notebooks and beachwear. 

A good tote is always ready to moonlight as a beach bag, gym bag, shopping bag, laptop bag, college or school notes bag, baby bag, and uni-bag. The tote is possibly the one bag variant with so many uses.



  • Reusability, durability, and ease of repair


When you purchase a tote from a well-known fashion label, you know for sure that it will accompany you everywhere for the next couple of months. Several buyers report that their totes remain in shape and use for more than one year after purchase. 

You can use a tote whenever and wherever for whatever purpose necessary. Most importantly, most designer bags are repairable. If you break a zipper or detach the magnetic closure, there is always the option of approaching a leatherworks shop for repairing it. After all, spending $40 for repair work on a $150 bag makes more sense than spending even $20 for repairs on a $40 bag!



  • Variations in style and design


When it comes to tote bags, variation is the key. While you should stick to high-quality cowhide as the base material because of its durability, you can explore the different shapes, designs, and sizes according to your personal taste.

Totes are no longer only rectangular or square-ish. You can buy totes inspired by hobo bags, sling-cum totes, and tote-cum-knapsack designs to keep your accessory collection rich and versatile. Moreover, you can choose to personalize your tote bag with monograms, tassels and monogrammed charms if you are purchasing them from a renowned seller.



  • Safe and secure


Some totes come with smaller compartments for money and cards. If you are concerned about the safety of your cards, look for bags with RFID protection. 

Some of them have D-clips that hold on to ID cards, and key chains, so you never have to rumble through your belongings when you need them urgently. 

Always invest in one that has separate waterproof compartments for your laptop and water bottle. You don’t want a wet mess of your electronics after you climb a long flight of stairs or race against closing elevator doors.

It is time for you to flaunt your unique style at your workplace, party venues, luncheons and dinners, and wherever you go. Everything that looks dashing does not have to drain your bank account. Invest in ONE tote bag every season from a reputable designer, and soon you will have an accessory collection that resembles that of Rachel (Jennifer Anniston) from Friends


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