Terrifying moment maniac in white van overtakes two HGVs and almost crashes head-on with third


JAW-dropping footage shows a white van driver with a deathwish overtake two HGVs, narrowly avoiding a third lorry coming the opposite way.

The terrifying incident was captured on Jamie Katona’s dashcam in the early hours of yesterday (Mon) morning on the A15 road near Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.

Jamie was driving his own van in between two HGV trucks around 4am when he almost witnessed a head on collision in the oncoming lane.

Jamie said the van overtook the HGV behind him and kept going. His video shows the van pass Jamie’s vehicle and the HGV in front.

The HGV in front slows down immediately to allow the van to complete the overtake – anticipating what was about to happen.

Luckily, there appears to have been enough room for the van to cut back in before an oncoming HGV collided with it.

Jamie, 29, from Rawcliffe Bridge, East Yorkshire, uploaded his footage to a dashcam group on Facebook just a few hours after the incident.

He captioned the clip: “Think he needs new undies. Lucky the HGV in front was on it, one behind me and he comes from behind that. Dual carriageway few miles later.”

Viewers of the footage were amazed that the van driver remained unscathed.

One said: “Idiots who don’t care about life.”

Van speeding past lorry

The van attempts to overtake the lorry on the dark country roads

Another wrote: “They drive amongst us. He’s very lucky it’s only his under krakkers that need to be replaced.”

Another social media user commented: “Difference between a f****** tosser and a professional driver.”

One more stated: “Organ donor eventually.”

A viewer also slammed the oncoming HGV for potentially making the situation worse by flashing their headlights at the van by saying: “While I understand the oncoming HGVs reaction, is it a good idea to blind the guy who is about to hit you?”

Jamie responded to some viewers who suggested he could have overtaken the HGV in front of him before the van decided to.


Seconds after the overtake a HGV speeds past

He said: “We had just come off a roundabout. My van is loaded and can only do 50mph. I get paid by the hour and use that road almost every week.

“Knowing there’s a dual carriageway ten minutes further down, what’s the point in risking my licence or my life?”

This is not the first time a van has risked a crash with an oncoming lorry.

In December, dashcam footage from a HGV shows the nerve-wracking moment a silver van attempts an overtake of a truck in front of it and narrowly escapes with a near miss in Bridgwater, Somerset.

The Volkswagen box van squeezes back into the left-hand lane just in time before the dashcam lorry collides with it.

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