Furious John Lewis customer pleads with store to remove unwanted £2k US-style fridge blocking her home


A JOHN Lewis customer has been left with a massive £2,000 American-style fridge in the middle of her flat for six weeks following a series of bungles by the store.

The fiasco has been branded #fridgegate

Lauren Williamson bought the monster fridge for her Edinburgh home at the start of June but discovered on delivery it was too big for the kitchen.

Lauren paid another £2,000 to get a fridge from John Lewis which did fit.

But the store have twice failed to remove the first one – and are refusing to refund the £2,000 until it is back with them.

So Lauren has paid £4,000 to have two huge fridges in her property, one of which is blocking easy movement around her home.

Lauren said the Fridge drama has her at her wits end

She has dubbed the nightmare “#fridgegate” and sent John Lewis a series of messages pleading with them to remove the huge silver fridge.

She wrote: “Please just collect this fridge and refund us! We’re £2000 out of pocket thanks to you organising two collections that refused to pick it up.

“You’ve failed to collect it twice by sending the wrong people and you promised we’d hear from an external collection company but we haven’t heard a thing.

“We’re at our wits end and just want rid of the fridge so we can use our kitchen again!”

The facebook post of the fridge
John Lewis have apologised to Lauren over the matter

Speaking today, she added: “We’re completely shocked that John Lewis would leave us in such an awful situation. We’re £2000 out of pocket and they’ve been so incompetent sending people who aren’t able to collect the fridge to collect it twice.

“We just want our savings back, and to be able to use our kitchen again!”

“When the new fridge arrived, the delivery team told us they couldn’t collect the old one even though we were promised that they would. John Lewis organised another collection but when they came they were the wrong team and couldn’t pick up an American fridge in the size of their van.

“We haven’t been able to use our kitchen in 45 days due to firstly having no fridge and then secondly having a giant fridge taking up all the space.

“You couldn’t make it up, it’s such a nightmare.”

Social media user Seona MacMillan reacted to one of Lauren’s posts by commenting: “Shocking! I would be #demented.”

John Lewis apologised to Lauren and confimed they are organising a new collection date.

A spokeswoman said: “We are very sorry about the delay in collecting Ms Williamson’s fridge. We have arranged for the fridge to be collected as soon as possible and will process the refund as soon as this has taken place.

“We have apologised and will offer a gesture of goodwill for the inconvenience caused.”

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  1. You would think that for such a major piece of kitchen gear, you’d ask a professional to measure it, not just take a wild-assed guess.

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