Shocking moment teens without helmets travel on motorway at 60mph on same motorbike


SHOCKING video shows two teenagers dicing with death on a motorway by riding a motorbike without helmets or any protective equipment.

The pair flipped off to the camera as they were told to get off the motorway

The pair, who could be as young as 15, were on the same small bike and travelled for at least 25 miles at speeds of up to 60mph.

They were filmed on the M18 in South Yorkshire as they made their way in the direction of Doncaster on Wednesday.

The clip was filmed by Thomas Smith, who owns a vehicle recovery business and was on his way to a call when he spotted the youngsters.

Police and Highways England were made aware of the incident and sent out search parties looking for the teenagers, but could not track them down.

The 25 year-old from Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, uploaded the clip to Facebook saying: “We caught up with this. How are they alive? (they made it to Doncaster as they passed us when parked up).”

The video shows the teens, one of them in shorts, riding on the motorway with no leathers or crash helmets travelling around 60mph.

The two youngsters cheer and wave as Thomas and his colleagues drive passed them on their way to a vehicle recovery.

Thomas can be heard shouting “on the f****** motorway!” in disbelief as they pull away from the two lads.

The video has shocked many of Thomas’ friends in the comments.

Tom Newton said: “What the f***.”

Kieran Robinson added: “Ash’s Snapchat had me in bits they’ve got b******* doing that.”

Paul Chafer wrote: “Unbelievable.”

Thomas said he had never seen anything like this before.

He said: “I was on a call out and I could see something that didn’t look right.

“I said to a friend called Ashley is that someone running on the motorway? He said ‘I’m not sure, it looks like a push bike someone’s legs are hanging.’

“We then caught up and we were in shock to see this madness. The motorbike was doing around 60mph with two people.

The lads might be as young as 15

“This was when I said to my friend get that on record quick. We later pulled up into Doncaster to recover the vehicle that had broken down, and the motorbike then came past us again heading into Doncaster.

“I would say 15 [ages of the lads] that’s just a guess, and shocked wasn’t the word. It was a very crazy and mad thing to do.”

A spokeswoman from South Yorkshire Police said: “We received reports around 9.20pm that two boys were travelling on the M18 on a motorbike with no helmets. Highways England attended.”

Highways England said no trace of the pair could be found.

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