Shopper outraged as Asda staff fail to help during ‘racist attack’

Eve said the manager told her “It’s a cold world” when she reported the racist abuse she recieved

An ASDA shopper was stunned when staff failed to act after was subjected to a sickening racist attack inside a store.

Eve Cong, 26, says she was followed into the store in Peckham, London, and branded a “filthy mongoloid” by her abuser, who also threatened to punch her.

Actress Eve, from North-West London, claims staff refused to call police or intervene and that a “smirking and laughing” manager told her “It’s a cold world” when she later asked why they had failed to act.

ASDA have now apologised over the matter.

Eve posted to Twitter that a man followed her into the store hurling abuse

Eve wrote her account of what happened in the store on Saturday in a series of tweets which she posted yesterday (sun).

She said: “A man followed me into Asda, being racist + threatening me with physical violence + that he was going to punch me. Yesterday 13th July ’19 @ Peckham, h’st.

“He followed me through the front of the store, into the first aisle where people just stared and did nothing.

“I thought he would stop when I didn’t entertain him but he continued to threaten me and use various asian slurs – I’m Chinese.”

Eve was unimpressed with Asda’s apology, and said staff had to be begged to call Police

She added: “He called me a filthy mongoloid, I’ll let you come up with all the other asian slurs. It was clear I wasn’t with him and on my own.

“I tried to lead him to the centre, at the front of the store seeking help. I was by the self-service and main till, entrance and it was busy (Saturday).

“The staff, the customers and the managers watched this and no one came to help me.

“I was shouting as loud as I could, trying to protect my face from being hit “can someone please get security?” I said this several times, no one came.

“I was terrified. I was only saved by two colleagues who were stacking shelves way in the back, it’s a fairly big store.”

Eve claims she was introduced to a senior manager who she claims was “flippant” and told her: “Can I tell you something darling, it is a cold world.” 

Eve’s friend Lydia Mok filmed her conversations with the Asda workers after the incident.

In the video she accuses a manager of laughing when she confronted him but he denies it.

When she criticises his actions the man says: “No one can tell me how to do my job.”

They also filmed the on duty security guard who refused to provide his details for her to lodge a complaint about him.

The security guard failed to provide his ID details when asked

A user called Holly wrote: “Hey Asda – so basically the point of security is only to protect your merchandise, not your customers?! Disgusting behaviour from your employees – you’re telling us, women are not safe to shop in Asda stores.”

Alison Tarrant wrote: “This is appalling – disgusted at the staff’s responses and how nothing was done to help this lady. So sorry you experienced this Eve – and also that none of the other shoppers in that store stepped in to help you.”

Ian Morrison wrote: “Asda these managers need sacked. this is not the type of staff asda used to employ.”

An Asda spokesman confirmed they were aware of the incident and were investigating.

An Asda Spokesman said: “We take incidents of this nature extremely seriously and do not condone any kind of abusive behaviour – and we’re really sorry Ms Cong had to experience this kind of treatment from another shopper in our store.

“We know some of our colleagues intervened in the incident to assist Ms Cong and did the right thing by calling the police, but we will always investigate these instances further and look at where we could improve our service to customers further as well as trying to contact Ms Cong to discuss the incident with her directly.”

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