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Could These Scottish Sports Enter The Olympics One Day?


The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio kept viewers on the edge of their seats. Well, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are right around the corner. As you should already know, next year’s Olympics will feature many new sports. That will be sure to keep things fresh and exciting for fans around the world. It seems like the Olympic Committee is happy to continue adding sports. So, is there is a real possibility that some Scottish sports will be added in the future? If so, which sports would be most relevant? Below, you’ll find a breakdown of some of the top Scottish spots that may enter the Olympics one day.


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Munro happens to be one of the tallest mountains in Scotland. It is over 3,000 foot tall. Well, people in Scotland love walking or hiking up to the top of the mountain. If you manage to reach the summit, you’ve bagged the Munro and that makes you a Munroist. Suffice to say, this is not an easy task to accomplish. Could a sport like this one day be added to the Olympics? The online pokies in Australia do not believe so. Why? Well, the mountain requirement would make things difficult. Other than that, this would indeed be a very exciting sport to watch on television.




A lot of people know nothing about Shinty. Nevertheless, there is a good chance that they’d love watching the competitions on television. Why? Well, the games are competitive, intense, and gritty. These are three characteristics that make any sport exciting for the viewer. The Scottish love Shinty and there is a good chance that foreigners will too. If the Olympic Committee added this sport to their schedule, there is a good chance that it would help bring in more viewers. Until that happens, the Scottish will get to keep this gem to themselves.


Stone Skimming


Pretty much everyone has picked up a stone and attempted to make it dance on the water’s surface. While it might seem silly, this activity requires a lot of skill and precision. If you manage to get it right, your stone will travel a very long distance and you’ll take home bragging rights. What people do not know is that there is an entire sport for stone skimming. The World Stone Skimming Championships bring in tourists and fans every year. The event takes place on the last Sunday in September of every year. It is held in Easdale Island.


Well, it is about time this sport became an Olympic sport. Once fans begin to appreciate the skill required, they’ll get hooked on watching stone skimming. In fact, many experts believe that stone skimming could become the next curling.


Highland Dancing


The gymnastics events during the Olympics are pretty popular. In fact, they tend to receive most of the television time. Well, the Scottish has their own style of gymnastics. It is referred to as Highland Dancing. This activity is very strenuous and demanding. It requires skill and endurance. In some ways, Highland Dancing is more intense than the gymnastics competitions currently held during the Olympics. It is faster and more energetic. This combination could help make it a popular event among fans.


Caber Toss


There are many Olympic sports that focus on brute strength. This is one of the main reasons that the caber toss would make a great Olympic sport. This sport closely resembles the javelin throw. While a lot of it has to do with strength, it also requires precision and skill. The biggest difference here is that the competitors would be required to wear kilts all the while. This could add flair to the Olympics and help mix things up a bit. Will the Olympic committee pull the trigger and add caber tossing to the Olympics? The Scottish sure hope so. After all, the country would most likely dominate the sport.




Ultimately, there are plenty of great Scottish sports. Isn’t it about time to add one or two to the Olympic Games? Whether it is Tug O’ War or Caber toss, there is a good chance that the activity would fit in perfectly. And, it would keep fans entertained from start to finish. Hopefully, these sports will one day make their way to the Olympics.

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