“Crackin” clip shows ‘Nessa’ telling Gavin and Stacey fans to “stay quiet” during filming


HILARIOUS video shows Gavin and Stacey actress Ruth Jones as her ‘Nessa’ character telling fans to “stay quiet”.

The footage, taken by Sarah Louise Ellis from Wrexham, North Wales, shows Ruth on Barry promenade in South Wales warning fans to keep the noise down during filming.

‘Nessa’ made an appearance whilst filming for this year’s Gavin and Stacey Christmas special on Tuesday afternoon.

Sporting her character’s signature leather look and oversize hooped earrings, Jones can be heard addressing the crowd as Nessa, asking them to keep the noise down during filming.

The clip begins with her warning the fans: “You’re ruining it for everyone, alrigh?”

Before promising that if they remain quiet she will come back later for photos.

She eyeballs the crowd before telling them: “If you stay quiet, I’ll come back, if you don’t I won’t simple as. The choice is yours now what do you want to do?”

The crowd laughs and Sarah shouts back: “We’ll stay quiet!”

Nessa nods approvingly before replying: “There’s a woman over there with a lot of sense. I’m not doing any signings, but I will do photos.”

She then leaves the promenade thanking fans as she goes, before uttering a final trademark “alrigh” and heading inside.

A fan of the show, 44-year-old Sarah said it was sheer luck she and daughter Ffion, 17, were on holiday there during filming.

Ruth Jones
Ruth Jones in character as Nessa

Sarah took to Facebook to share the clip along with photos of her and the cast with the caption: “Crackin” in reference to the show.

Speaking today, Sarah said: “We were really excited when we found out that they were filming when we were due to go to Barry.

“When Nessa came out I couldn’t believe it, she was deadly serious and stayed completely in character the whole time.

“It was quite funny to see Nessa stomping towards you because she was doing her walk and everything.”

Ruth Jones with fans
Ffion, Sarah and Ruth Jones in character as Nessa

“The fans were really respectful, it was only when she came out and said ‘what’s occuring?’ and stuff that people got really excited which is understandable”.

The small town of Barry has been a hive of activity since filming was announced earlier this summer with crowds gathering wherever filming is rumoured to be taking place.

Fans were thrilled when co-creator James Corden announced the show’s return on Twitter at the end of May.

The cast have reunited almost ten years after the series ended for the one-off Christmas special.

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