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Current trends in creating online slot games


Online gaming developers constantly work on casino games and new titles. They strive to engage customers and provide a world-class experience. In the recent period, it became more difficult with entertainment sites like Netflix and social media like Snapchat and Instagram.

Slot developers compete with major video producers like Fortnite, Call of Duty and PUBG. It pushes slot producers to create more sophisticated chances with better design and performance. Read this review and learn about the latest trends in the slot industry.

Slot with more characters

Slot creators take examples from video gamers are produce games with more characters. Some providers allow players to choose how the story unfolds. It allows players to enjoy a more stimulating and exciting experience at brand new online casinos NZ.

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Image: Carl Raw on Unsplash

For instance, we can mention Betsoft producer which created action game named Max Quest: Wrath of Ra. Enjoy the game and take prizes by defeating enemies. The game features various elements like crosshairs, bullets while winnings are paid in coins.

The next slot chance is Holy Driver, created by Big Time Gaming. The central protagonist of the game emerges at the lowest side of the reels. This game includes Reel Adventure feature with three volatility levels. The levels can be controlled by players which allow more interesting gaming adventure.

Slots with multiplayer option

Online gaming developers create different slot chances with a multi-player option. One of the prestigious software developers, RealTime Gaming, has released Fish Catch game where players are based in a huge ocean. Here they shoot fish and take amazing prizes. Fish Catch allows players to start the chance alone or join the game with three other gamers. The player who shoots the most fish wins the biggest award.

The next dominant multiplayer slot experience is Max Quest: Wrath of Ra. The game allows players to join forces with five gamers and eliminate as many players as they want. In addition, playing together brings a lot of fun and significant winnings.

Virtual reality (VR) slots

Virtual reality industry becomes one of the most dominant gaming areas. Not only we have VR casinos, but also we can come across different television and movies in virtual reality mode. Only recently, we could perceive progressive options like Google Daydream View or Samsung Gear VR technology. Online slot developers follow the same trend and include devices together with various VR games.

The next interesting example is ALEA casino developer. It untied with Pragmatic Play and produced Sugar Rush VR experience. It allowed them to create a mobile VR version of two popular titles. Now you can use VR hardware and follow the appealing 3D world. It makes customers enthusiastic about bright and enthralling adventure. The mobile version of two games also provides the interaction with 3D protagonists.

ALEA software developer has partnered with another 3D VR casino. This time they collaborated with SlotsMillion, famous for smooth gameplay based on the skyscraper. Take an opportunity to walk through the gambling floor and sample various slots. These VR slots are detail-oriented and unique.

We can also mention Microgaming and NetEnt software creators which designed popular VR slot versions like Jack and Beanstalk.

Slots with high-variance

Online slot developers understand that their games should include an equal balance of anticipation and excitement. Slot games urge for more audience from mobile and video developers. They are trying to create games which will contain the same or comparable level of excitement.

To attract more regular players, slot creators experiment with slot variances or volatility. It means that slot games pay less often, but winnings are bigger. It keeps customers more than interested while they expect huge winnings.

As you can assume, these are only pilot achievements in online slot industry. With further progress of technology, there will be more opportunities for digital gaming and creative slot titles. We can expect that casino developers continue to take inspiration from video games releases. It will allow excellent and more sophisticated experience for interested gamers. Better periods are coming and the slot industry will have a significant contribution to it. We are looking forward to seeing brand-new slot ideas and features.