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Top 5 things to do in London in Autumn


London is one of the top places to visit, but it is especially an amazing destination in the fall. As the city begins to lose its summer crowd and the leaves start to turn golden, London’s parks transform into a colourful backdrop for strolls and a cosy time outdoors by the fires.

Autumn offers a good reason to spend time in London’s iconic galleries, museums, annual food and film festivals, and other attractions. Here are the top 5 things to do in London in the fall of 2019. 

Crazy Golfing In London

Plonk Golf offers a new experience and approach to mini-golf. There are at least 8 Plonk venues in London, so you are sure to find one near you. If you are up for some golfing challenge with your friends and family, then you should go to a Plonk Golf venue near you and take on their tough9-hole course whether indoor or outdoor in the garden.

All Plonk courses are unique and designed to be extremely exciting for kids and adults. There is an outdoor or indoor venue close by whether you are around the Horniman Museum or Hoxton. Check out their colourful BYOB venues in Camden Market and Shoreditch as well. If you are interested you can learn more about mini golf at

London Westminster
Image: Luca Micheli on Unsplash

Take a stroll around the Park

If you are not local, you may think that London is not a leafy city, but you will be wrong. London is home to eight royal parks covering up to 5,000 acres. Also, there are spaces such as Clapham and Hampstead Heath. If you are thinking of a romantic way to spend time with a loved one, grab your coat and scarf, pick a park of your choice and wander through the amazing scenery. The parks make the perfect backdrop for a fantastic photo-shoot, so if you are getting hooked in the fall you might want to go to the parks and take some amazing pictures.

Visit London’s Museums

Explore some of the city’s top museums at night during Octobers Museums at Night weekend. The bi-annual event sees many of London’s attractions open their doors to showcase their most priced treasures. The highlight of the event includes film screenings, Halloween-themed tours, and an immersive workshop. Many of the venues are free around this time, but you may be required to pay a fee for special events.

Go to London’s Cosy Pubs

London has many pubs that offer shelter as the weather cools down in the fall. Whether you are a local or a visitor and you are looking for a cosy shelter to go on a date, you might want to check out some of London’s warmest and welcoming pubs like the Spaniards Inn at Hampstead Heath, a historical pub where John Keats and Charles Dickens used to have drinks; the Mayflower, a riverside den and many more.

Watch Fireworks Light Up the Night sky

Watch London’s skies light up at night with fireworks in November, well known as the Bonfire Night.  The event has a historical context – it marks the foiled gunpowder plot of 1605 when Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up the House of Parliament to assassinate King James I. if you are a student of history, this might be the perfect event to visit while in London this fall. 


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