COMEDY – Adventures of the Improvised Sherlock Holmes


No script, Sherlock! 

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Holmes and Watson are on a new adventure – and no one has any idea how it’ll end! Taking inspiration from the audience, three young improv actors write the next Sherlock Holmes novel on the spot. Anything goes, no matter how bonkers it may be!

Before the performance, audiences are handed out a piece of paper, asking them to come up with a title for a new Sherlock Holmes mystery. To avoid any confusion, all of Arthur Conan Doyle’s original works are listed on the paper.

Once the person has written their idea down, the slip of paper is put into a policeman’s hat and one is selected at random to acted out on stage. The three women then improvise, playing the roles of Holmes, Watson, Mrs Hudson and all others caught in the adventure, hurriedly switching from one role to the next as they simultaneously weave and unravel the mystery.

The actors threw absolutely everything into their performance, producing a somewhat eccentric Watson and a more normal Holmes than fans will be used to seeing. Perhaps as the show goes on and the actors evolve their performance, they might be able to capture some of the orginal Watson and Holmes that Conan Doyle created.

This improv will delight Sherlock Holmes fans of all ages, and maybe make some new ones too. It’s fun, it’s ridiculous, and leaves everyone wanting more.

Show Information

TicketVenue: Just the Tonic at The Caves – Just the Big Room

Dates: 4-11 Aug

Time: 16:30 (1 hr)

Tickets: £7 – £9

Bookings: Here | Fringe Box Offices | 0131 226 0000

Recommended: 12+


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