British Airways investigate alleged racial discrimination after “black family blocked from flight”


BRITISH Airways are investigating claims a young couple and their baby were racially discriminated against when staff refused to let them board.

The family from London got through check-in and security without boarding passes but were stopped at the gate from getting the Amsterdam to London flight.

But the family – backed up by a witness – say a “white Englishman” was allowed to travel despite not having a boarding card.

BA gate staff even called the police, who escorted Kiran, 31, and Dignity Moyo, 32, and their three-month-old baby Noah, away from the scene.

Kiran, an NHS pharmacist, was taking a family holiday and were on their way home from Schiphol to Gatwick on July 20.

It is understood flight delays at Schipol resulted in the Moyo family not getting boarding passes but airport management allowed them to go to the gate where it was expected they would be given passes by BA.

Fellow passenger Joshua Arthur documented what followed.

He wrote: “Due to flight delay, a couple and their three-month-old baby hadn’t checked in yet, which resulted in them not getting their boarding passes.

Kiran, Dignity and Noah were escorted away from the gate by airport police.

“The same thing happened to an English man. The airport staff understood the situation and let them all through security anyways.

“However, at the boarding gate, the British Airways workers let the English man on the plane, but wouldn’t let the couple and their baby board – even though the airport staff had already let them through security without a boarding pass.

“Us, passengers filmed what happened at the boarding gate for evidence. When the British Airways workers found out they threatened us by saying that we weren’t allowed to board the plane, unless they saw us delete the video.”

The video shows the young couple and their three-month-old baby visibly distressed.

Kiran was left humiliated and disgusted by the way her family were treated.

The mother, cradling her baby, shakes her head saying: “I just – this man has got a ticket, he hadn’t checked-in. I don’t understand why we are being…”

The father then interjects: “They are kind of displacing us, as if we are the criminals.” He then turns to the BA gate staff and says: “Listen, we are all human beings here.”

The mother then points to the other man who hadn’t checked-in saying: “Excuse me, this man hadn’t checked-in either.”

The father then says: “This is discrimination.” As a police officer can be seen walking towards the young couple.

If it were not for Kiran and Dignity Mr Burnage would not have made the flight.

Another video shows an airport policeman saying to another passenger: “I am now asking you nicely to move.” Before pushing the passenger backwards.

The incident has angered many people in the comments.

Alpha_kirsten_naidoo said: “Disgusting behavior from @british_airways. Absolutely terrible how this s*** is still happening in this day and age, don’t know how we can all work together and unite and s*** when we have to see this, and reprimand this behaviour.”

Fiji_loving added: “@schiphol @british_airways appalling behaviour and handling of this situation.”

Passenger Joshua Arthur today believes the young couple were racial discriminated against.

Joshua said: “The only main difference between the young family and the white English man is, race and maternity. Other than that they are in the exact same position. It is therefore natural for me to think that the young family was racially discriminated.”

Kiran today said she has found the experience to be humiliating.

She said: “This entire experience has left us mentally exhausted and quite frankly traumatised and humiliated. We were treated in such an inhumane, degrading and disrespectful way in front of a plane full of passengers waiting to board.

“I pray to God he [The baby] won’t remember this level of discrimination.”

Kent resident Kiran, and her husband Dignity, were threatened with arrest by the airport police and spent £800 after they were left trying to find a hotel at 12am.

Kiran today claimed she was assaulted by one of the gate staff members.

She said: “My child and myself were physically assaulted by the gate worker when she attempted to grab my phone, with the intention of deleting contents of my phone.”

The BA gate staff called airport police, and threatened passengers who filmed the incident.

Kiran believes the reason her family were treated differently to the white traveller was down to their race.

She added: “The reasonable conclusion as to why we were treated so differently from the man is based upon us being a mixed race family of African and Indian heritage, and we were accompanied by a child.

“Race and maternity are two of the nine protected characteristics under Equality Act 2010.”

BA today said they have launched an investigation into the incident.

A BA spokesman said: “We are in direct contact with our customers regarding this issue. We’re taking this extremely seriously and are currently conducting a thorough investigation with the ground handling agents and Schiphol airport to fully understand what happened.”

A spokesman for the police at Schipol said they were aware of criticism of officers captured in the footage.

He said: “This video only shows a small part of the incident. What was not caught on camera is that this individual had received multiple verbal requests to stand further back. When he failed to comply…the [police] pushed him away.”


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