A lot less bovver with a hover – lad uses board to help cut mum’s lawn


HILARIOUS video shows creative youngster using a hover board to help mow his mum’s lawn.

The footage, posted by Liz Robertson, shows her 11-year-old son Nathan Gallacher pushing a lawnmower while gliding across the grass on his board.

51-year-old Liz, from Greenock, Renfrewshire caught the moment on 3 July as she was making breakfast.

As the video begins, Nathan can be seen from behind pushing the lawnmower as he stands on top of the two wheeled hover board.

The mower whirs noisily in the background as Nathan deftly spins around at the top of the garden before pushing the lawn mower back to the other end.

He whirls around and repeats the whole process, cutting the grass as he goes.

Liz reports that Nathan had recently hurt his leg trampolining but was keen to help out as she is currently recovering from surgery.

Undeterred by his injury, Nathan came up with the ingenious solution and Liz quickly grabbed her phone to capture the moment.

Speaking today she said: “It was just hilarious, I couldn’t believe it. I looked up and saw him and I just thought how on earth did he think of that?

Nathan using lawnmower
Nathan is always helping out in his local community

“He’s a really clever wee boy, he’s so helpful. He does the neighbour’s lawns too and they give him sweets or a bit of money, but he doesn’t really care about that he just likes to help. He’s just so well liked.”

Liz posted the video to social media which has since clocked up over 9,000 views.

Fellow Facebook users have been quick to praise Nathan’s actions.

Angela Leith said: “Brilliant, good him.”

Greg Haggerty added: “What a genius.”

While Davy Docherty predicted success for Nathan in the future.

He wrote: “Aw Liz that boy is going all the way, billionaire in the making.”

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