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What to do after high school: Start-up vs. university


The time after high school is usually stressful and confusing for most kids as they simply do not know what to do next. If years ago they had not that many options except for college, today entrepreneurship becomes one of the possible solutions.

Creating a start-up might sound like a fun and appealing idea, however, let’s try and see all sides to it in comparison to receiving that high education after all.

Getting Started With Your Own Business: Things to Keep in Mind

Becoming an entrepreneur straight after high school definitely is not the easiest thing to accomplish. Some people think that it is just as easy, as to get a free business website when in reality, it is not. 

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Nevertheless, the number of those who choose to open their own start-up instead of pursuing dreams of getting a high education grows each day. Just check out the total number of such cases in Great Britain that ended up being successful.

Looks impressive and definitely inspiring, doesn’t it? However, do not get overly excited. There are plenty of cases where British start-ups could not ‘make it’ and ended up being a total failure, just look at the recent rates.

If you do not want to be one of those people who fail at being an entrepreneur, coming straight from high school, you should keep in mind a few of the following things:

  • Do deep research on your industry. Whichever industry you want to open your start-up in, make sure you learned everything there is to learn about it so that you will not mess things up just because you did not know something. This also means learning whether there is a need for a product like yours at all.


  • Create a business plan. You cannot neglect this step if you want your start-up to become successful. Consider all risks, set your priorities straight, and write down a detailed plan on how to achieve those goals of yours.


  • Study your competitors. The least you can do in such a situation is to make sure that you are not copying someone else’s idea. If someone already created something similar to what you are about to do, think of things that you could improve with your project.


  • Set up a budget. Finding money for a start-up might be tricky sometimes, especially if you are just fresh out from high school. Very often, start-up owners start fundraising campaigns for their projects looking for investors elsewhere. Having a budget to keep your project running is important, so think this through on the early stages of planning. 

Choosing a University: Things to Consider

Now there are 140 British universities which give British youth a wide variety of options to choose from. The overall situation with high education in Great Britain is looking rather good, as this country has one of the best educational institutions in the world.

However, there are still plenty of kids who do not rush to apply to those. Why?

The biggest issue in this situation would be the high fees that most of the UK institutions have. In this country, great education comes at a price and most school graduates simply can’t afford it.

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Sure, there are plenty of options like student loans, however, you need to realize that it does not end at paying for the education alone, prices for the living are quite significant as well. 

Another thing you should be concerned about is the level of knowledge that one must have to get into one of those UK universities.

All this summed up results in a situation where more and more young people choose starting out with their own business rather than getting into the process of receiving high education.

Final Thoughts and Conclusions

There is no way of saying that one option is better than the other. If you carefully approach them with a detailed plan and rational thinking, the results will be amazing no matter what. It is your future after all, and you can make it anything you want. 

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